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Hormann with Pedestrian

Hormann Garage Doors with Pedestrian Doors

Sometimes it’s the small things that make the greatest differences in your life and more than often go unnoticed.
For example, if you want to fetch your bike without having to open the entire garage door, you’ll soon realise the convenience of a pedestrian wicket door built into your main garage door panel, a simple and effortless access on foot.

You also have the lowest threshold of any wicket door on the market - this is a stainless steel threshold that is 10 mm high in the centre and and 5 mm at the edges decreasing the risk of tripping. Not only does this decrease the risk of tripping but it also makes it easier to drive wheels over it. Unique and only from Hörmann! A door operating within a door!! 

Hormann Pedestrian Doors are available in insulated Sectional and the continental range of Hormann Up & Over garage doors! For very specialised applications of larger sizes or higher useage the ET500 system also has the option of a pedestrian door inset in the main panel.

Hormann Sectional Garage Doors with Pedestrian Door

Hormann sectional garage doors are available with wicket doors in the LPU40 42mm insulated steel panels only. This is also only available with the front mounted torsion spring (type N) mechanism due to increased weight.
We can easily also use any of the vast range of SPU F42 commercial sectional doors from Hormann as they also offer a wicket door and up to far larger sizes too, in any colour, and manual or electrically operated!!

Each Hormann LPU40 sectional garage door is available in a variety of different finishes. There are 16 standard colours available at a surcharge however each door is supplied as standard in white. Any other RAL colours are available  at an extra cost.

Sizes available from 2250mm wide x 3000mm high to 4000mm x 2500mm with restrictions on certain designs at the larger widths and heights.  Larger widths and heights can be achieved with the SPU 40 range of commercial sectional doors from Hormann.

They can be automated with either the Promatic or Supramatic operators with all necessary safety devices as additional to the basic motor but are manually operated as standard. The operators generally are best specified at the higher motor rating (P or H)

hormann pedestrian access built in walk through doors buy now prices cost

S Panelled

M Ribbed

L Ribbed

Available in most
RAL & Decograin colours!

 Short video below showing our showroom LPU40 L Ribbed sectional door with central wicket door inset. This kind of door has an adjustable door closer, the smallest of threshold available at only 10mm in stainless steel and all necessary safety devices to ensure the main door will onlyu ever operate when the pedestrian door is closed fully. Of course the entire door is constructed form 42mm double skinned steel with a foam core providing high levels of thermal and sound insulation.


Click here for more information on Hormann Sectional Garage Doors

Hormann Up & Over Garage Doors with Pedestrian Door

Hormann up and over

Each garage door is available in white as standard or a selection of 15 other popular  RAL colours. And if you're looking for that unique style, you could also choose from ANY RAL colour to truly personalise your door!

The sizes are available from 2250mm wide x 1929mm high to a maximum of 5000mm x 2375m. The door is set into the main panel to the left or right hand side to always open outwards.

All Hormann Up & Over garage doors are ready to be fitted with any of the superb Hormann range of electric operators specified dependant upon the size and usage of the door.

Hormann ET500 Up and Over Door System

The Hormann ET500 is a door system originally designed for high useage commercial applications and as such is constructed way above the normal strength of any normal up and over door. The principal of the door is like most Hormann doors and is based on the door panel being a box section steel structure capable of being used without any infill whatsoever as it is strong enough just as a basic sub frame.
The door also comes complete with a very sturdy steel fixing frame system with all the operating gear built into and onto this frame.

The beauty of this strength is that the ET500 door is sold as an 'open for infill' system where you can infill the chassis with many types of materials usually timber of course and create your own unique door designs knowing all the mechanics, safety and electric operation is taken care of. Because of the incredible strength in the ET500 it is also available with a pedestrian door inset into the main panel and this can be positioned in various places depending on your requirements. With its commercial roots this door can also take very heavy timber infilling, far more weight than the DF98 and N80 systems can handle.

Download the PDF colour brochure for the ET500 >

Vertical Ribbed

Open for Infill

Vertical Boarded

Click here for more information on Hormann Up & Over Garage Doors

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