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Build Your Own Unique Timber Garage Door

For anyone who wants a unique timber garage door The Garage Door Centre is able to provide a wide range of steel garage door chassis systems to enable the construction of bespoke timber garage doors at almost any sensible size. We offer several factory built and ready to use door systems ranging from standard up and over, side hinged, special up and over and sectional overhead, all able to be supplied in standard or purpose made sizes with options on the handles, locking, colours and electric automation systems.

Up and Over Doors

We specialise in providing the 2011 ‘open for infill’ and the new NT500 garage door system from Hormann. These are high quality galvanised steel box section chassis systems, providing a blank canvas for infill cladding with all kinds of timber sections to create unique designs or features.

There are some limitations on the timber infill weight, but with increased springing sizes and tension the system will accommodate Oak, Iroko, Idigbo and other heavier hardwood timbers used in high quality outdoor joinery. The 2011 has the far lower weight capability than the NT500 system which covers the larger double sizes.

Open for infill Garage DoorBuild you own Up and over Garage DoorHormann 2011 open for infill

The garage doors are available in standard or purpose made sizes and in the single sizes supplied with canopy type operating gear for ease of installation and when a manual door only is required.

It is more usual with timber garage doors to use retractable operating gear in order to make the door electrically operated with the simplest and most reliable system. All the doors have this retractable option at any size.

The open for infill chassis can also be produced with a built in pedestrian door (wicket door) option for easier daily access on foot. This is ideal as all the hinges, weight balance and locking is also included and factory fitted ready for the easiest construction of a door to your design, taking away all the guesswork and danger of creating a joinery made panel.


Larger and Heavier Up and Over Doors

Additional support for Larger Garage DoorsInternal image of Up and over Garage DoorHeaver Up and Over GarageDoors

If your requirement is for much heavier timber infilling and maybe a far higher number of daily operations then take a look at the ET500 system.

This garage door is derived from a door system originally designed for high usage car parks so has all the design and pedigree to enable lower volume domestic use a very simple, safe and reliable operation.

The ET500 door system is only available with electric operation but does offer one of the smoothest and most powerful up and over door systems in the UK. Again, a wicket (or pedestrian) door can be specified within the main door panel for easy access when the door is closed.

The steel framework can be specified in almost any colour to compliment the other windows and doors as required.Special Sectional Garage Doors

For the most stunning of visual effects and uber cool possibilities the ALR F42 Vitraplan sectional door is available for enabling timber (or indeed other materials) to be clad onto the face of the door sections to create unique designs or blend in with the surrounding architecture of a building facade. This door system is just like any other sectional garage door, rising vertically and providing greater levels of weather protection and security through the robust and high quality construction. With the way a sectional type door operates it is possible to hide the door within a facade for maximum discretion and visual effect once operating.

The door uses a heavy duty commercial operating mechanism to enable the use of heavier materials for cladding making it very versatile and reliable for an excellent trouble free operation every day. Doors can be manual or electrically operated.

Safety in Build

It is fairly impossible these days to be able to build a timber garage door as an up and over type from scratch as the regulations surrounding safety are too onerous and to make a door which wont warp or twist or turn out to be too heavy for traditional mechanisms.

A joinery made timber up and over door unless manufactured in a proper environment with lightweight timber such as cedar wood will almost definitely cause untold headaches.

It is far better to get the mechanism and a chassis system to ensure stability and safety within the parameters of size and weight limitations. Peace of mind for the future.

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