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Garage Door Maintenance

Garage Door Maintenance at The Garage Door Centre

Maintenance at The Garage Door Centre

The vast majority of our doors have been constructed with the greatest care and are of the highest quality, however due to the great number of moving parts found in all garage doors, if the doors are used more than average, they will inevitably require maintenance.

It is vital that your door is constantly operating correctly and safely, which is why it is necessary for it to be maintained at its high standard. Servicing is especially vital if the door is electrically operated as the safety devices must be working correctly, as well as for bigger doors as these put more pressure on the components and mechanical parts.

Whatever the model of your garage door may be, give The Garage Door Centre a call who can offer regular maintenance for your garage door. 

Open: Monday - Friday, 8:30am - 5:00pm

Closed: Saturday, Sundays and Bank Holidays

Telephone: (01933) 274442


Find out about our Spares and Repairs Departments below:

Spares at The Garage Door Centre The Garage Door Centre Repairs Department


What maintenance services do we offer?

- Garage Door Maintenance: If you are the owner of an electrically operated garage door, it is vital that is is consistently safe to use. Not only do we deal with domestic applications, but commercial and industrial too, creating assurance that the door operating in your workplace is safe.

- Roller Shutter Maintenance: Not only are roller shutters used as garage doors, but they can also act as an additional barrier before windows. As they are often used as a vital security measure, there is great importance in roller shutters maintaining their high quality operation, especially as they include many small, moving parts.

- Awning Maintenance: Our sister company, Samson Awnings, offers a great variety of outdoor living products - with a dedicated workforce that have fantastic skillsets in sales advice, installing and maintaining them. Give them a call if you require maintenance for your awning or to discuss any outdoor living requirements. Direct line: 01933 274 276. 

- Electric Gate Maintenance: AGD Systems is a sister company of The Garage Door Centre who have been specialists in all aspects of electric entrance gates for the past 3 decades.  From servicing to spares, upgrades to completely new bespoke systems, our friendly team are on hand to help.  Simply call the AGD Systems department on 01933 229123 or email 

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Call our Spares and Repairs Department on 01933 274442


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