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What's the standard size for a garage door?

Solution: There are many different standard sizes, and many doors can be made to fit your individual garage opening.

There is no 'one size fits all' when it comes to doors, as all houses are different. There are also different ways in which garage doors can be fitted; some fit behind the opening and some fit in between, so if you are unsure on which size door will suit your opening, ask one of our trained garage door specialists for help.


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What if my ground is not level?

Solution: Our dedicated surveyor will assess whether your ground is level enough for your new garage door to work properly; if it is not level, there is a possibility that you will need to have this remedied before we can install a door. However, there are some options that we can work on to overcome some irregularities of ground.


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What are my options if I cannot fit a vehicle into the garage because the door opening is too small?

Solution: This could be one of two problems.

If this is due to an already existing installation in-between the structural opening, a replacement door fitted to the inside face of the garage opening will maximise drive-through width. We recommend replacing your current garage door with a door that does not physically travel through the opening when operated - providing there is enough room to fit to a reveal (face to fit the door) either side and sufficient internal headroom.

We would recommend a garage door such as:

If the problem is drive-through height then there are these three solutions to consider:

  • Sectional Garage Doors - Usually give you the full height of the ordering size if fitted with an electric operator.
  • Side Hinged Garage Doors - Side hinged doors give you the full height that is available.
  • Round The Corner Garage Doors - These also provide you with the full height of the structural opening, particularly the Vertico as it requires very little internal headroom to operate.



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My garage door is very heavy to open, can I buy a remote control electric operator to help?

Solution: No! The door must either be repaired or replaced. If the garage door is too heavy, either the springs have worn out and lost their tension or something potentially more serious is wrong, such as parts being worn in the rollers or the lifting arms.

If these were to break during operation the result could be very serious!

A remote control electric operator is not a quick fix solution to a heavy garage door. It will help in the lifting of large garage doors, especially one piece up and over doors which require a lot of initial momentum to move, but all electric operators have safety systems built-in to detect an obstacle when hit. If you fit an electric operator to a badly fitted or worn garage door, the safety sensors have to be overriden to prevent false signals being detected by the operator and causing constant auto-reverse situations. An electric operator should only be installed to a perfectly balanced garage door whatever the age and model.

Find out more about our electric garage door openers >


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I have to move my vehicle back every time I open and close my garage door because the doors swings outwards and hits the bumper. Our short driveway means this is a persistant problem - can this be solved?

Solution: Unfortunately there is no way to amend this except replacing the existing garage door with a more suitable door type.

This could be one of the following:

Sectional Garage Door | Roller Shutter Garage Door | Round The Corner Garage Door

All of the above types of garage doors do not swing out, making them ideal for shorter driveway spaces. These types of door also allow you to stand or park right up to the garage door whilst it is operating.

The internal operation is also vertical and straight, so if you own a high backed 4x4 vehicle it will not be a problem with closing when the vehicle is inside the garage.

Other benefits from a vertically or horizontally operating garage door include:

- Better sealing properties 

- Better security 

- Usually very quiet operation 

- Longer life span

- More versatile sizing options 


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Will you take out my brick built central pier?

Solution: We can provide you with the name of a local builder, and would recommend that you have this work done prior to us surveying for the fit of your next garage door.


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I enter my garage frequently to retrieve household items and to gain access to my fridge/freezer. Are there garage doors available that don't have to be fully opened when I enter my garage?

Solution: There are two solutions to this problem:

- Purchase a side hinged garage door. A side hinged garage door is bi-parting and can be used with just one of the door leaves open. Click here for more information.

- Buy a garage door with an in-built pedestrian door - there are now many available to browse! This offers easy entry and exit through a very conveniently placed door that is built into the main garage door. Click here for more information.

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