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Sliding and Folding

Sliding and Folding Garage Doors from The Garage Door Centre

'Sliding Garage Doors' is a term that can be used to describe a multitude of door configurations.

We offer straight sliding door panels, sliding and folding door panels and the sliding round the corner door system, sliding along on either a top or bottom track support.

We offer a vast range of sliding doors in either steel, aluminium or timber which can be manufactured in solid panels, or partially or fully glazed. The straight sliding action of a one piece door panel can also be doubled as a bi-parting or overlapping arrangement and can be fitted internally or externally (depending on the available wall space). Many different tracking arrangements are possible depending on ground surface, the weight of the door panels and so on, but with some careful thought you can produce a very simple, easy to use sliding door system for long term use with either manual or electric operation.

One of the other main advantages of one piece sliding garage doors is the freedom of design it offers; there are generally no restrictions on thickness, weight or size of door panels used. We offer sliding garage doors as a solution to both domestic and commercial requirements.

SWS Vertico Round the Corner Garage Door SWS Vertico Round the Corner Garage Door

Timber Sliding Garage Doors

We have produced many sliding garage doors in various timbers over the years. 

Side Sliding Timber Garage Door

Like roller and sectional garage doors, sliding garage doors allow you to park right up to the garage door, whilst still being able to open and close it.

The majority of sliding timber doors tend to be mounted externally and therefore give the maximum length inside the garage. The diversity of the amount of different designs that can be created also continues with this type of door.

Timber is a very versatile material and, although most of the doors we have installed have been vertical boarded, the board width can be very important on listed or period type properties. The sliding gear mechanism for these types of garage doors is simple, maintenance free, and also very smooth to operate at almost any size. Although most of the systems we have installed have been manual operation, it is possible to automate sliding doors to be remote control operated.

It is also possible to hang the door panels from the top if required and use a simple guide system on the ground to keep the doors in line during operation, meaning you have a system without any threshold at all.

Not what you're looking for? Browse our range of Round The Corner garage doors instead.

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Commercial Sliding Garage Doors

Folding Garage Doors for Commercial and Industrial Applications Commercial Sliding Garage Doors are very unique and difficult to specify, however The Garage Door Centre are able to manage with them with assistance from our sister company, Samson Industrial Doors.

Folding and Sliding Commercial Doors provide the perfect solution when side room or headroom is limited for space. Folding doors are generally constructed from steel or aluminium sections, with optional glazing sections providing light or to offering high levels of visability for sales or working purposes e.g. showrooms, workshops.

Folding Garage Door panels are stacked together when open and are available as a single stack to one side or bi-folding to both sides of larger openings. This provides an excellent solution for a choice of either easy-to-use manual operation, or the comfort of electric operation on larger sizes.

Despite their size and constant usage, minimal maintenance is required to keep a commercial folding or sliding garage door working at all times. This is partly due to the fact that each door has very few moving parts - even less of course with a one piece sliding door set - which gives you another positive reason to opt for one of our commercial sliding or folding doors.

The Industrial Folding Doors we supply can be installed in extremely large openings, measuring up to 30m width and 8m height as standard. We can offer 3 to 34 door leaves as standard, in accordance with the operative requirements, which can later be individually adapted to the customer's needs.

To view our sister company Samson doors, please click here

You don't need a Commercial Environment to Warrant a Commercial Sliding Garage Door. 

Folding Doors for Commercial and Industrial ApplicationsCommercial Garage Doors have many purposes thanks to the high quality of their construction. They can offer both thermal and acoustic insulation, as well as top of the range security. Typical installations for our commercial and industrial sliding and folding garage doors include large factories and processing plants, however they are capable of offering installation and larger entrances to the likes of workshops, showrooms, large domestic garages, storage facilities, sports halls, showrooms, arenas and more.

There are also glazing options available that allow you to transform any large, dark garage into a brighter, more appealing area.

Wicket pass doors are also available to make any large sliding or folding door more pedestrian friendly and easier to use. A pedestrian door can also be added into the main panel and provide the most practical solution to higher levels of traffic.

Low Risk of Collision Damage

Door leaves parked on the sides substantially reduce the risk of collisions; the leaves are in the field of vision of drivers. Fitting the door with door leaves that open 180° and with sufficient space next to the door also results in a maximum drive through passage width.

Low-maintenance construction

Samson's industrial folding doors have been designed to operate smoothly and have a long service. This reliable construction is based on just a few individual, hard-wearing quality components. As a result, requirements for maintenance and care are very low and the doors only entail minor consequential costs over time.

Insulation and Cost Saving

Most of our sliding door systems use double skinned insulated panels, providing excellent levels of thermal insulation and sound-proofing too. Where the garage is integral, or the building heated, the benefits are obvious for using an insulated door system and the sliding or folding door can fulfil this requirement.

Standard and Protection

Folding and Sliding Doors from The Garage Door CentreSafety takes top priority when it comes to Samson Doors industrial folding doors. Finger trap protection devices made of high-quality EPDM multi-chamber profiles are fitted to all vertical closing edges, making the folding industrial door safe from the inside and outside.

Most folding doors tend to be manually operated, but for larger or more frequently used doors, we can offer electric operation with a multitude of access control methods.

Folding Garage Doors

Folding garage doors present a different problem and need to be designed very carefully, especially the larger they get. We can provide folding doors at almost any size using the same double skinned panel construction with an insulated core, but also offer aluminium profile frameworks with partial or fully glazed inserts in various glazing options to suit.

Large or small, a folding door is a great option for any garage or building, offering easy and smooth operation, as well as low maintenance in the longer term with less stress on moving parts compared to roller or sectional type doors.

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