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Lines not Squares

It's official!!
The horizontal ribbed style garage doors we have spent over 25 years removing from garages around the UK are back in fashion, and in big numbers!! Only this time they have real style, modern technology in materials and operation, and lots of options.

SWS SeceuroGlide Roller Doors Hormann Sectional Garage Door Hormann Medium Ribbed Sectional Garage Door

The 'Georgian' style or 'Panelled' garage door was by far our biggest selling garage door for many years in the up and over and sectional overhead type format but how things have changed in such a short space of time with some manufacturers dropping some panelled designs completely from their range.Fashions do come and go, we all know that, and right now the lines are outselling the squares by a mile!!
It is not hard to see why when you see the endless options for design and finish available and the beautiful clean lines that blend in with so many contemporary and traditional style properties both old and new.

Nowadays nearly every sectional door sold is a 'Ribbed' or 'Linear' design or whatever other name has been invented to describe horizontal lines and every roller shutter garage door sold is obviously horizontally ribbed and cannot ever be anything else!

The choice of different ribbed designs is enormous with obvious variations between manufacturers but then further differences in models offered varying from very sleek smooth panels in the sectional doors through to multiple ribbed sections roll formed into the panels in varying numbers per panel.

Surface Finishes

In addition to the various choices available regarding the vertical line design, there are different effects available for the door surface, including smooth, stucco, woodgrain, micrograin and laminate woodgrain.

woodgrain surface finish

Woodgrain, White Surface Finish

smooth surface finish

Smooth White Surface Finish

micro profile surface finish

Micro Profile White Surface Finish

stucco surface finish

Stucco White Surface Finish


These subtle panel surface finishes make an enormous difference to the overall effect of a complete garage door and especially in certain colour finishes.

Hormann Woodgrain Sectional Garage Door SWS Sectional Garage Door
Hormann Up & Over with Vertical Lines SWS SeceuroGlide Sectional Door
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