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Garador Sectional

Garador Sectional Garage Doors

Garador Sectional Garage Door Georgian Woodgrain Design on house drivewaySectional Garage Doors are fast becoming one of the most popular ranges amongst garage doors manufacturers and with Garador, this is no exception. A financially logical and rewarding addition to any variety of household, our selection of Garador Sectional doors can suit almost any domestic need.

Garador provide quality, style, security and safety in one complete package with a quality-assured manufacturing process.

What is a sectional garage door?

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The superb engineering involved in the construction process of all Garador sectional garage doors ensure they are amongst the finest sectional garage doors available on the current market. It has the technical adaptability to be controlled either manually or automatically using an electric operator. An electric operator with remote control handset allows you to open your Garador Sectional Garage Door from the ease of your home or in your car.

A Garador sectional garage door can provide many advantages to both your lifestyle and garage compared to the traditional up and over garage door. A Garador Sectional Garage Door can provide:Garador Sectional Garage Door Medium Linear Design on house driveway

  • Garador Sectional Garage Door Medium Linear DesignA wider drive-through width

  • More space on the driveway due to it's vertical opening

  • Greater headroom clearance within your garage - perfect for large or off-road cars

  • Ease of use with the fantastic GaraMatic operating system

  • A comfortable way to open your garage door with a designer range of Garador Remote Control Operators

  • Perfect for using garage for other uses - Office, Gym, Playroom, Workshop etc.

Each door is available with different levels of thermal insulation; these are classed as Premium, Standard and Classic.

These different levels of garage door skin width mean high levels of sealing are achievable. With the addition of the Premium double-skin, a fully insulated garage door that can act as a wall that perfectly fits your opening width is available. The Premium is the overpowering model which offers very high levels of insulation.

All doors are manufactured to high standards and offer long-term functionality, smooth running and maintains its designer image as if it was bought yesterday.

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Garador Steel Sectional Garage Door Designs

Garador Sectional Garage Door Georgian Small in Gloss White

Georgian Small


Garador Sectional Garage Door Georgian Medium in Gloss White

Georgian Medium


Garador Sectional Garage Door Linear Small in Gloss White

Linear Small (gloss White)


Garador Sectional Garage Door Linear Medium in Gloss White

Linear Medium


Garador Sectional Garage Doors Georgian Golden Oak

Georgian Small


Garador Sectional Garage Door Linear Rosewood

Linear Small


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Garador Sectional Georgian Woodgrain Designs

Georgian woodgrain doors from Garador offer a timeless design which has proven to be very popular amongst buyers. Available in either the Georgian Small and Georgian Medium design, the Garador Georgian Sectional Garage Doors range provides you with choice to help you find what you're looking for.

Available with a range of window sections, colours and handle designs on request. Click each door to view what optional extras are available.

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Garador Sectional Linear Woodgrain Designs

Linear designs offer a neat, tidy visual appearance that would complement any home. Designed with a horizontal ribbed style, a contemporary look is achieved with an exquisitely simple design. This garage door is competitively priced which makes it one of a number of sectional garage doors that represent real value for money supplied & fitted by The Garage Door Centre.

Available with a range of window sections, colours and handle designs on request. Click each door to view what optional extras are available.

Garador Sectional Colours

All of the following colours apply to both Georgian and Linear designs.

Ruby Red RAL 3003 - Garador Sectional Colour
Ruby Red
RAL 3003

White RAL 9016 - Garador Sectional Colour
RAL 9016

Light Ivory RAL 1015 - Garador Sectional Colour
Light Ivory
RAL 1015

Terra Brown RAL 8028 - Garador Sectional Colour
Terra Brown
RAL 8028

Anthracite Grey RAL 7016 - Garador Sectional Colour
Anthracite Grey
RAL 7016

Steel Blue RAL 5011 - Garador Sectional Colour
Steel Blue
RAL 5011

Fir Green RAL 6009 - Garador Sectional Colour
Fir Green
RAL 6009

Ochre Brown RAL 8001 - Garador Sectional Colour
Ochre Brown
RAL 8001

Window Grey RAL 7040 - Garador Sectional Colour
Window Grey
RAL 7040

Sapphire Blue RAL 5003 - Garador Sectional Colour
Sapphire Blue
RAL 5003

Moss Green RAL 6005 - Garador Sectional Colour
Moss Green
RAL 6005

Clay Brown RAL 9006 - Garador Sectional Colour
Clay Brown
RAL 9006

White Aluminium RAL 9006 - Garador Sectional Colour
White Aluminium
RAL 9006

Pigeon Blue RAL 5014 - Garador Sectional Colour
Pigeon Blue
RAL 5014

Stone Grey RAL 7030 - Garador Sectional Colour 

Stone Grey

RAL 7030

Light Grey RAL 7035 - Garador Sectional Colour
Light Grey
RAL 7035

Solid Timber-Effect Doors

Garador offer a magnificent range of steel doors coated in a timber-effect foil coating to offer the authentic image of a natural wooden door. The doors still retain their many qualities from their steel construction including being maintenance-free, strong and easy to operate but they radiate the natural essence of a beautiful timber door supported by the magnificent grain effect achieved by the coating.

Garador Sectional Garage Doors Georgian Golden Oak

Georgian Golden Oak

Garador Sectional Garage Door Georgian Rosewood

Georgian Rosewood

Garador Sectional Garage Door Georgian Dark Oak

Georgian Dark Oak

Garador Sectional Garage Door Linear Golden Oak

Linear Golden Oak

Garador Sectional Garage Door Linear Rosewood

Linear Rosewood

Garador Sectional Garage Doors Linear Dark Oak

Linear Dark Oak

In line with European safety requirements, Garador sectional garage doors are installed with the following safety components to ensure a safe, secure garage door is maintained at all times:

  • Reliable Anti-Drop Devices - No matter whether your door comes with a tension spring or a torsion spring assembly, a Garador sectional door is protected against dropping as the anti-drop device catches the door in the unlikely event of a spring or cable failure.

  • Safety Door Travel is ensured using a combination of adjustable rollers, solid roller brackets and safety tracks to prevent the door from derailing and causing a serious accident.

  • Finger Protection is covered with the Garador finger protection profile located on each section rebate of the door. It provides effective finger protection on both the inside and outside of the door (including hinges) meaning you won't have to worry about trapping your fingers.

  • Side Hand Guard ensure that fingers cannot get trapped in the side tracks by completely enclosing them.

  • Safety Tracks with Internally Guided Cables also prevent fingers getting trapped. Garador Sectional Doors come with angled safety tracks. The internally guided cables are installed between the door leaf and frame to eliminate another potential injury.

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