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Idigbo Garage Doors

Woodrite, Idigbo Garage Doors

Idigbo is a superb timber for the manufacturing of up and over and side hinged  garage doors as it is very stable, has a beautiful wide graining and is lighter and less costly that oak. Although we can offer oak garage doors the weight does cause some issues and it is one of the least stable timbers especially in our ever changing climate in the UK. Idigbo will provide the beautiful natural heavier graining that is so appealing whilst not compromising stability.

Lighter than Oak

Lighter than Oak

Cheaper than Oak

Cheaper than Oak

Just as Strong as oak

Just as Strong

Timeless Appeal

Timeless Appeal


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Idigbo timber graining

What is Idigbo?

Idigbo is a plain, pale yellow to light brown coloured wood, sometimes relieved by a zonal figure originating in the growth rings, suggesting plain oak. The grain is straight to slightly irregular, and the texture is somewhat coarse and uneven.
Idigbo is a hardwood very similar in colour and grain to oak but does not have the instability associated with oak when used outdoors, as well as the very heavy density causing issues with weight and lifting mechanism options.

It is soft to medium hard, and weighs about 560 kg/m³ when dried. The weight is often variable, due to a prevalence of lightweight brittle-heart, particularly in large, over-mature logs. Idigbo dries readily and well, with little distortion and splitting, and shrinkage is small. Drying Idigbo dries readily and well, with little distortion and splitting, and shrinkage is small.

How a Timber side Hinged Garage Door or Gate is Made



It has excellent strength properties, being as strong and stiff as English oak in bending, although considerably softer and less resistant to shock loads. It splits easily and has been used in West Africa for roof shingles. When converting large logs the heart should be boxed out as the brittle-heart has very much lower strength properties than the normal wood. In freshly converted stock, brittle-heart may often be recognised by a distinctive pinkish colour.

We can offer very attractive standard designs, but also bespoke designs to be used in either a box section steel chassis, or what is referred to as a 'solid build' which essentially is traditional joinery manufacturing techniques to produce a panel entirely made from timber.

Idigbo timber doors have been supplied and installed by The Garage Door Centre on many projects where oak was the primary choice until the potential massive downside of using oak was explained as well as the costings.
Idigdo is light enough to allow 31 different standard styles and we always recommend it as an alternative to oak and the fully factory finished garage doors are impressive.

Side hinged doors painted whiteFactory Finishes

- Classic Natural Oak

 - Old Oak & Mid Oak

- Green Oak

- Midnight Oak

- Red Oak

With an extensive range of factory finishes to choose from, an exquisite look for period properties can be flawlessly acheived.

The Idigbo range we offer covers up and over garage doors in standard and purpose made sizes, side hinged doors and a range of personnel matching side doors where the side door needs to match the garage door.

Idigbo up & over garage doors are of panel-construction suitable for use with Masta-Gear and Super-Chassis or solid-construction suitable for use with Masta-Gear and available in standard and made to measure sizes.

Solid construction doors employ wider, deeper wooden rails that eliminate the need for a steel chassis or sub-frame. Very large garage doors may have some steel or timber bracings internally to reduce “door sag” when in the open position. The door mechanism fixes directly to the door panel for a very neat appearance to the inside of the door.

For a high quality, long lasting hardwood timber garage door always consider the Idigbo timber door. Accoya is another option to look at bit in more limited designs. The traditional original timber doors are manufactured using cedar wood timber.


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