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SWS Qompact Roller Door


Door Type:
Roller Garage Doors
Prices from:
£ 3,500 inc. install

The most secure roller garage door with the smallest shutter box. Only 165mm of headroom is required!

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Qompact Roller Door

The Qompact is an advanced style of roller garage door, offering elite qualities due to its patented design and tight coiling.

If you're looking for a roller garage door that offers robust features and higher levels of security, look no further than the Qompact. 

Key Features:

High wind resistance: The Qompact has been tried and tested in hurricane conditions.

Excellent levels of strength and security: Tested to BR2 STS 202, and therefore able to withstand sledgehammer impact. End retention screws are fitted as standard, meaning the Qompact can't be forcefully pried out with a crowbar. Plus, due to the extruded aluminium profile, the Qompact is a very robust roller shutter that increases protection against unwanted intruders.

Eco-friendly: Qompact products are created from 60% recycled materials, whilst the curtain itself is 100% recyclable, and the shutter is 99% recyclable.

Small box size: The smaller sized box makes for a neater appearance for any application. A 105mm box can cover any door that measures up to 1.7m tall, taking up minimal space. Looking for a larger sized door? The largest box available is only 205mm, housing a 3.6m shutter.


- Perforated vision slats

- Available in any RAL colour - ensure your desired colour is available as it must be checked that it can be used for the high quality surface finish.

- Three box variations

The Qompact is available as standard in the following RAL options:

Anthracite Grey RAL 7016 - SWS Qompact Roller Garage Door

Anthracite Grey RAL 7016

Brilliant White RAL 9016 - SWS Qompact Roller Garage Door

Brilliant White RAL 9016

Silver Metallic RAL 9006 - SWS Qompact Roller Garage Door

Silver Metallic RAL 9006

Any RAL colour is available at a surcharge, however please check with us regarding your chosen colour - we have to ensure it is available in the high quality finish.

Take a look at the Qompact roller door in action below:

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