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Woodrite Monmouth Oakridge


Door Type:
Up and Over Doors
Prices from:
£ 2110

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The Woodrite Monmouth Range of Oak garage doors is hand crafted in oak mouldings, and oak faced exterior grade ply for the unforgettable appeal of a natural oak garage door. 

The Monmouth Range is part of the Coach House collection of wooden garage doors. 

The Monmouth Oak garage door range uses oak moulding and oak faced exterior grade plywood. Why plywood? Oak, although hard is very prone to expansion and change as it ages. It is also very heavy. These characteristics, unless handled with care, will cause problems when building an oak garage door. By using oak faced ply and oak moulding we are able to keep weight to a sensible level and ensure the doors we build are stable. There will always be movement in joints and other parts of the door but, with the construction methods and oak materials we use this will be within normal levels. 


All doors are available with the option of a frame. Steel frames are built from galvanised steel and finished in brown or white. Softwood, hardwood and cedar clad frames are also available for all doors and these can be finished with the same choice of colours as the doors.

White Steel Frame

Brown Steel Frame

Oak Hardwood

Cedar Clad Softwood

Cedar Clad Hardwood




Doors are supplied with a black handle and key operated lock to activate the multi-point latches – security comes as standard! 

Super-Chassis doors are available with a black handle, whilst Masta-Gear doors are available with black and the option of brass effect and silver effect handles.



Each door is available with a base-treatment that you will need to stain in a colour of your choice, or a choice to be fully factory finished in one of the classic shades. Woodrite use the TEKNOS wood finish system and recommends this for on site finishing.

The finish provides a low gloss surface that can be wiped clean with a soft cloth and water. Re-staining is recommended at least every three years, but keep an eye on the finish as south facing doors in strong sunlight may require more regular care. Love your wood!

Aged Oak - Woodrite Oak Monmouth Timber Up and Over Garage Doors

Aged Oak

Brackey Oak - Woodrite Oak Monmouth Finish

Brackley Oak

Chocolate Oak - Woodrite Oak Monmouth Finish

Chocolate Oak

Conker - Woodrite Oak Monmouth Finish


Golden Oak - Woodrite Oak Monmouth Finish

Golden Oak

Green Oak - Woodrite Oak Monmouth Finish

Green Oak

Midnight Oak - Woodrite Oak Monmouth Finish

Midnight Oak

Mid Oak - Woodrite Oak Monmouth Finish

Mid Oak

Old Oak - Woodrite Oak Monmouth Finish

Old Oak

Red Oak - Woodrite Oak Monmouth Finish

Red Oak

Rustic Oak - Woodrite Oak Monmouth Finish

Rustic Oak

Natural Oak - Woodrite Oak Monmouth Finish

Natural Oak

RAL Colour Finishes for Woodrite Oak Monmouth range

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