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Trackless Sectional Doors

Trackless Sectional Door

The Overlap is the most innovative garage door available in the UK today.

It's trackless sectional operation means that is it perfect for any home, regardless of the space available. Each Overlap door is a unique product because it is custom made and it is the result of one of the infinite possible combinations of materials, stains, colours models and accessories. For anyone who has high ceilings, high levels of internal details and finishing or just doesn't like tracking in the garage then the Overlap may be the perfect answer.

What is it?

Overlap is an innovative sectional door thanks to its original opening system that doesn’t require ceiling tracks and reduces by 50% the internal protrusion. With Overlap the space inside the garage is best used and the door clearance is optimised, both in height and in width. Just a 200mm headroom is required. Overlap is equipped with the SilMotion operator embedded in the head-bar. This system operates the doors without visible ceiling tracks. The door raises, folds in half, turns below the ceiling, split in two sections and the lower one slides below the upper one.

How it works?

Trackless in motion

These Overlap sectional doors are equipped with the, SilMotion operator, which works for all garage door sizes available in the catalog. SilMotion, projected and developed by Silvelox, is outright innovative thanks to the electronic management and the double magnetic clutch transmission system that reduce consumption and enhance safety standard. SilMotion is completely integrated in the headbar, therefore the internal side results clean and it does not reduce the door clearance. Moreover, SilMotion can be connected to alarm system and home automation and it’s possible to diagnose the mechanics through a Bluetooth application, too. In case of power failure or of a malfunction, the operator can be automatically disengaged and it is possible to operate the door manually. OVERLAP ensure the highest safety standards due to SilMotion and other two unique systems: SilRoll and SilHook. For automatic door operation, two or four channel remote controls are available. The LED courtesy lightis integrated in the electronic card embedded in the head-bar.


Traditional Sectional Door

  • Ceiling tracks

  • The vertical sliding movement implies that the door when open, lies parallel to the ceiling supported by the tracks that remain always in sight, fixed to the ceiling, even when the door is closed.

  • Visible Operator

  • The operator is anchored to the ceiling with an increment of required space.

  • Spring System

  • The door is balanced by a spring system. It requires periodical inspections and replacements

  • Internal Side

  • The multiple horizontal sectional architecture involves the use of visible hinges and hardware

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Overlap Sectional Door

  • Trackless

  • This is the main feature that makes OVERLAP unique. Thanks to its supporting frame and its two overlapping sections, unpleasant ceiling tracks are not necessary.

  • Invisible Operator

  • The operator is completely hidden inside theheadbar; it does not require sliding bars and it does not need additional space.

  • The two sectiona are balanced by means of a counterweight system. Parts subject to wear are minimised.

  • Counterbalance System

  • Internal Side

  • Due to the unique architecture, the internal side results clean with no hardware.


Whether you are looking for Steel or Timber Silvelox have a huge range to suit all.

Why not customise your garage door to look as unique as your home with:


The Overlap windows are made of polycarbonate, lightweight and durable material available with a bronze embossed finished and, on request, clear embossed or smooth transparent finishes.  

BRonzed Embossed (Standard)

Bronzed Embossed (Standard)

Clear Embossed

Clear Embossed

Smooth Transparent

Smooth Transparent


OVERLAP is made by 75 mm thick Multi-ecowood panels with wood or metal coating, available in a wide range of variations and finishes. Click on the material below to view the range of colour offered. 

Wood TracklessMetal trackless

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