Aluminium Front Entrance Doors

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Aluminium Front Entrance Doors

Aluminium front entrance doors at The Garage Door Centre

We have several ranges of high quality aluminium doors to accentuate the beauty of your home. Not only do the doors look great, but their performance and operation is supreme too, with more insulating properties to offer than steel doors due to their thicker door leafs and therefore, more space to be filled with more PU-foam. 

We have various front and garage doors on show at our Northamptonshire showroom, so if you're interested don't hesitate to visit us!

What ranges are available?

Hormann Aluminium Front Doors

Hormann have three front entrance door ranges that are manufactured with aluminium: TopComfort, Thermosafe and ThermoCarbon. Each range boasts its individual focus, with varying budgets, meaning that you are able to utilise the ranges available depending on your own requirements. 

Hormann ThermoCarbon: 100m thick door leaf for the ultimate security and insulation. The door is equipped with multi-point locking, an anti-picking system, concealed hinges, stainless steel leaver handle and more.

Hormann ThermoSafe: 73mm thick door leaf with a U-Value of up to 0.87 W/ (m²·K). Equipped with a 5-point locking system, the door has various measures to add to its break-in resistance, and can be manufactured in various colours with various accessories.

Hormann TopComfort: 80mm thick door leaf , 5-point locking system. The most basic of the three, the TopComfort ranges offers doors with lower prices, yet still with a plethora of options for customisation. 

Hormann's German-engineered doors are of significant quality, and, originally established in 1979, have become a well-renowned name in the industry. 

Hormann ThermoCarbon Entrance Doors 100mm

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Hormann mid-range ThermoSafe Front Entrance Door

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Ryterna Aluminium Entrance Doors

The RD80 and RD100 ranges from Ryterna are excellent front entrance doors that are manufactured from aluminium with 80mm and 100mm-thick door leafs respectively. A great alternative to equivalent doors by Hormann, they are at affordable prices that offer excellent aesthetic features and endurance.  

With the potential to match your Ryterna front entrance and garage door, you are also able to personalise Ryterna doors with windows and colours of your choice in addition to any of your very own designs!

Creating a perfect oppurtunity to own a truly personalised front door, and even matching garage door, Ryterna are certainly a manufacturer to consider. 

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