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30th January 2017
A Trackless Sectional Door?

Is a sectional overhead style door possible without tracks inside the garage?  Yes it is - the Overlap Garage Door.

For all the articles and promotional material showing the sectional garage door as one of the best types of door for your garage, and mechnically it is one of the smoothest, there is still one drawback with the door for many people - the tracking internally.
Although the steel tracking that runs into the garage is usually quite a lot higher from the floor than the tracks of a normal up and over door it still can cause issues in larger garages especially with vaulted type high ceilings or where there are three or more doors in a row. The tracks are also longer so this can be an issue in some garages where there are obstacles further inside.
Many of the top manufacturers of sectional overhead doors can offer high lift tracking to compensate where there may be an issue but this does not always solve the problem.

A Trackless Sectional Door?
The 'Overlap' garage door offers a totally unique garage door type which rises vertically like a sectional door but does not have any internal tracks as the door is lifted and held by counterweights in the side. The door panel is always in 2 parts and splits perfectly to have one panel sit neatly underneath the other once fully opened. This means the door panels only ever come into the garage about half the height of the door size, ideal for garages where there may be obstacles or where a neat uncluttered internal finish is essential. 
The Overlap also has plenty of other enticing features such as the excellent security from the design of the door and also the insulation offered by the 75mm double skinned panel design of the current timber door range.


Download the latest colour brochure for the Overlap in PDF format >

The current Overlap door range is manufactured from timber in a totally unique way utilising the most stable of engineered type timber sections and panels to ensure a stable and long lasting product. The old days of being worried about timber products seem to have long gone in our industry whenever you are investing in something of high quality, The latest wood treatments do ensure that timber in our unstable UK climate remains stable and this is achieved through factory applied processes giving you a door alreay fully treated and ready to use immediately after installation.

The timbers offered as standard include Oak, Larch, Cedar, Okoume, Spruce and Teak. Other timber5 and almost any special designs are available on request as the designs of the Overlap doors are created using very modern routing methods as well as traditional panelling for certain designs.

All the doors are made to order sizes and have an excellent choice of accessories with remote control electric operation as standard.
As with many timber doors the initial perception may be of high costs but not once you actually see what you are getting for your money compared to a similar specification in terms of visual appeal combined with the benefits of the insulation, security and unique operating method creating excellent space inside your garage.The doors are manufactured up to 5000mm wide and approx. 3000mm high.

See the current full timber range in our catalogue >

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