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30th January 2017
Advantages of Insulated Sectional Garage Doors

An insulated sectional garage door offers far more than just insulation once installed.

Apart from a couple of exceptions now ALL sectional garage doors in the UK are double skinned galvanised steel and have a foam filled centre to offer insulation. You will see 40mm, 42mm and 45mm all quoted by various manufacturers and if you choose to use a commercial specification door you can even get 100mm thick now!! All this is great for sound and heat/cold insulation but one of the real benefits is the strength of the panel because of this double skinned construction.

insulated sectional door panels with finger trap protectionAny insulated sectional garage door worth looking at will have panels where the top and bottom have been designed to provide safe, interlocking sections for finger trap protection as well as ensuring the best seal between each panel when closed. A samll rubber seal is incorporated in some panels as seen here on the lower panel near the top.

Again, as far as strength is concerned this makes the lateral resistance far greater and in doing so also makes the door far more secure.

Strong door panels equals excellent security!!

Insulation in a home is a far greater consideration now than it was even just 5 years ago with a far greater awareness of the need to conserve energy and save money in doing so and although it has taken some time we do now get very regular requests for the garage door to be insulated where we used to have to suggest it as an option.

The range of insulated sectional garage doors is enormous and because the panels are so strong and the mechanism so versatile for lifting the door it is possible to also make great changes to the panels by cutting them to add in windows, double glazed of course, add many vaious stainless steel and other designer elements and the ultimate testimony to the doors strength is the addition of a pedestrian access door if required. This pedestrian door is achieved by almost cutting the door in half in 2 places to then incorporate a good sized pedestrian door with high quality hinges and furniture and for manufacturers like Hormann and Garador incorporate the lowest possible threshold at only 10mm to prevent any tripping hazard when using the door.

Hormann decograin M ribbed with pedestrian access doorHere is a Hormann LPU40 M Ribbed sectional garage door in a single size and a Decograin Golden Oak finish with the optional centre positioned wicket door inserted.

The trhreshold is only 10mm high and there is always a door closer as standard and a rain protection cover above the door with a colour co ordinated surrounding frame.

You have options on the handle and the door can be automatic of required, but the real point here is a garage door with high insulation values, with a pedestrian door built in for easy access to a garage. With more and more people are using their garages for anything but putting a car in this door is perfect as it is 2 doors in one with the strength, security and insulation way above most other garage door types available in the UK.

For an insulated sectional door to be totally effective it does really need to be installed onto the inside face of a garage in order for the insulated panels to overlap the piers either side and the lintel above to maximise the sealing effectiveness and also create and thermal break. This insulation can also be further enhanced with the Hormann LPU 40 range by specifying the ThermoFrame system as an addtional installation component. This gives up to 15% better insulation by creating an air pocket in the weaker points of the sub frame when fitted. The U values of all sectional doors are available on request but be sure if it is important to your porject you are getting the 'installed' value and not just the tested panel U value when not installed as a real door on a real opening.

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