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30th January 2017
Garage Door Ordering Sizes

Garage door sizes and ordering measurments can be a nightmare to interpret - Don't get caught out!!

Different garage door types are ordered by varying size references.

Measuring for garage doorsFor example, most roller garage doors are ordered using the OVERALL width including the side guides, and then the height is the top of the guides, not including the roll and support plates above this. This is fine except each manufacturer of roller doors will have different widths of side guides for different models and door size, as well as upgrades for wind resistance and security. Therefore if you are installing the roller door inbetween a brick opening, the drive through width will vary. Also, if you are ordering a Hormann Rollmatic for example then the opening width is the order reference, so it is very easy to get in a mess unless you talk to an expert who can guide you though the various options.

The same goes for side hinged doors, overall width including a fixing frame or inbetween the frame size? Up and over and sectional doors tend to be the opening width and height of the sub frame for ordering but there are exceptions so nothing is straightforward.

The measurements required purely for ordering and installation are all too often the main focus in conversation, and then the actual drive through width and height are mostly ignored. It must be several times a week we point out that a vehicle may struggle to get through the gap left when the door is open only to be responded to with 'Ah, I had not thought about that'!!

Always check the actual drive through dimensions before committing to a new garage door, it may look nice but not allow you to get your car in!

To make sure you order the right size garage door and also ensure the opening size will actually allow a vehicle to drive through please speak to one of our expert sales team and discuss your requirements carefully.

Call on (0800) 525 442 and press option 1. 

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