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30th January 2017
Garage Security for Home

How can you make your garage as secure as possible?

We sell a lot of garage doors on their security features, products like the Seceuroglide Excel, the Garador Guardian range and most sectional doors but what about the rest of the garage?
We have sold products for physical security for over 25 years and think that anybody trying to make their garage properly secure should carefully consider the side entrance door and any windows in the garage.
We can provide fixed or collapsible open lattice security grilles at almost any size for securing any door or window with an option for 'secured by design' rating on certain products.
Why bother having a brand new garage door with all the latest security features when your pedestrian side door can be kicked open with ease or a window smashed or forced easily. After all nearly all garage doors of any make or specification can be opened once you are inside the garage.

Look at adding a simple fixed grille on windows that are never opened in a garage and a retractable grille or solid security shutter over the side entrance door. We do also offer a wide range of steel or composite doors for replacement with security as the leading feature so this is another option too. 

The cost for adding these security products is normally very reasonable indeed with a standard window of say 1200m wide and 1000m high being secured with a FIXED steel grille made to order and finished in a colour for about £170. A small charge I think you will agree for peace of mind.

Other products such as the security shutters and retractable grilles will bea bit more and depend on the specification and size required.

Most customers we deal with who have motorcycles of any kind tend to particularly require good security for their garage as bikes of any sort tend to be targetted the highest, easier to sell on than cars and other items. Think or take a look at the average cost of items kept in your own garage (apart from the car) and most people would be surprised.

Speak to us now for prices and details on any of our security products for your garage and home.
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