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17th September 2018
High Security Garage, Side and Front Entrance Doors

The importance of ensuring your door has the necessary security measures

High Security Garage Doors, Entrance & Side Doors

“It needs to be secure” is an answer we hear almost every day when we ask about the desirable qualities for so many of the garage doors we can supply.

So what does that actually mean? What is ‘High Security’? And interestingly, why would the expression ‘Low Security’ not fill you with confidence, but actually be a real statement to describe a level of security for a product?

Secured by Design Roller Garage Doors Secured by Design Up & Over Garage Doors

Security Can be Defined in Various Ways, but Really There is Either:

 - A measured security rating and certification from various test facilities throughout Europe,


- A casual statement which cannot be backed up with any evidence of performance unless it has been tested but, may well be fine in most cases.

What Would you Expect a High Security Door to do?

Stop a person with a screwdriver as a tool, or stop a battering ram thrust at the door by 2 large men, each around 18 stone and regular gym goers?
The truth is most people just want a door to stop the casual break-in attempt as are likely to establish that a true professional will gain entry whatever the measures are taken to prevent access.

The other truth is unfortunately that so many garage doors and side doors can be broken into very easily with few or no tools at all!! We won’t and can’t go into details for obvious reasons, but it is frightening how easy many up and over and roller garage doors can be simply lifted up when closed, often with very little resistance or noise involved.

Up and over doors can be opened by a simple jiggle of a single point of locking with little noise or effort, and many pedestrian side doors can be opened by real old school techniques as the locking and furniture used is simply dated and low quality. So many roller shutter doors don’t have any locking and just sit closed by the weight of the curtain holding it down, whereas others are fitted with plastic or cheap locking methods that can be easily overcome with a short, sharp jolt.

A door panel in isolation could be as strong as possible, maybe even double-skinned steel or very thick solid timber. However, if the locking method used is inferior or non-existent, then the whole security is lost and you are exposed to casual intruders not wanting to make too much fuss and noise, but happy to have a go at breaking in.

The Garage Door Centre Takes Security Extremely Seriously
We have upgrade options for nearly every manual or electric garage door and side door we sell, including:

- Three-point locking rather than one or two.

- Auto-locking methods when closing rather than relying on manual operation.

- Increased panel strength for some doors where ram raiding may be a potential issue.

For measured security we have a range of various garage doors, side doors and front doors with security ratings such as LPS1175, PAS24 and RC2 and RC3 upwards with further accreditations involving ‘Secured by Design’ and SR2, 3 or 4. This is real security, tested and approved with a stamp of authority and recognition.

Reduce your risk and look into the various certifications available with so many garage doors and pedestrian doors. Not only do you benefit from their security, but you will also benefit from a door you know has been manufactured to a high standard, offering you years of trouble free service, and they are all likely to provide better weather sealing and insulation than other doors.

High Security Garage Doors

Many of the higher security garage doors, side doors and front entrance doors are available to view in our Northamptonshire showroom. Come in and see the differences for yourself!

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