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30th November 2000
Hormann LTH40 Timber Sectional Door Treatment

Recommended procedure for the decoration of a Hormann LTH40 timber sectional garage door.

Surface protection details for Hormann LTH40 sectional timber doors

Functions of the coating:

Always remember timber is a natural product. The timber is impregnated at the Hormann factory to protect it against blue staining and fungal attack.
To afford protection against other environmental influences, e.g. changes in temperature and UV rays, the timber door must be site-treated with a pigmented open-pore preservative.


The first coat must be applied prior to fitting, we usually recommend taking delivery of the door to site and then the first coat can be applied easily as the panels are totally accessable front and back. The moisture content of the timber must be < 15 %. Since timber has varying degrees of absorption, the first coat should ideally be colourless. Allow the surface to dry between coats and then sand down.
Before initial exposure to the weather, the inside and outside of the sectional door should be given 2-3 coats, depending on individual requirements. Incidentally this same recommendation is made for timber side hinged up and over garage doors.

Care and subsequent treatmentHormann LTH Timber Sectional

To preserve the coating, this must be inspected and if necessary expertly touched up (at least once per year), depending on the degree of weathering.
Clean dirty surfaces and sand down with emery paper (280-size grain).

Recommendation for the coating

Brillux: Surface preservative 620 and thick coat 565
Sikkens: Cetol HLS (primer and intermediate coat) + THB (top coat)
or Sikkens: Cetol Novatech + Novatop.
Follow the manufacturer's directions for use.


  • Do not use dark-coloured preservatives on surfaces exposed to direct sunlight.

  • Never use surface-sealing paints which prevent a uniform exchange of moisture.

  • If the surface is inadequately treated, cracks develop in the timber.

  • Protect the door effectively against marks, e.g. splashes of paint, cement and lime.

  • The garage should we well ventilated.

  • For detailed information on the use of paints, we recommend information leaflet no. 18, issued by the Bundesausschuss Farbe und Sachwerte e.V. (Federal Committee Paints and Material Property, Germany)

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