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30th November 1999
Markilux Patio Awnings

The Markilux brand of retractable awnings are generally recognised as the best in the world, but why??

When most people used to think of an awning it was one of those things hanging over the front of a butchers shop or florist or something hanging off the side of a caravan. The patio awnings for use on a domestic property these days are a long way from the actual old school style awnings seen on the high street generally and flimsy fabric cover used on caravans..

Welcome to the world of Markilux Awnings - German engineering with style and strength!

Markilux awnings

Markilux are a major German manufacturer of many various types of retractable fabric awnings and terrace cover systems. They are one of the largest in the world and certainly one of the leading companies for innovation, high quality and design style. Their range of high quality retractable awnings is comprehensive with a model for every size and a choice of open, semi, or fully cassetted.

The awnings are all manufactured to order, no standard sizes, with one or two fabric choices like so many mass produced basic awnings available. You choose from many different cassette and framework finished colours and cover fabrics from over 150 various options. The fabrics are woven in house on one of the largest weaving mills in Europe so markilux have the patent and total control of their own fabrics unlike other manufacturers who buy the fabrics in from others.
The aluminium arms, brackets and cassette covers are all made with strength and durability as standard with vigorous testing before any products are launched for sale. These awnings are not just a slap on the wall product for use on the odd super sunny and wind free day, they have strength through the use of forged knuckle sections and leading technology with products like the 'bionic tendon' providing the super strength in the arm sections.

The Markilux brand is a German brand with a real history and passion for producing the finest quality sun shade and climate control products and the innovations in technology and design has lead to recent introductions of large retractable systems for use in commercial applications as well as large gardens or terraces. These systems can cover large areas of outdoor space with an aluminium framework system providing stylish support to the retractable fabric cover.

See the full range of Markilux awnings and terrace cover systems available from our sister company Samson Awnings and their new commercial website

Samson awnings and terrace covers

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