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30th January 2017
New Hormann Products and Price List

A new price list for Autumn 2013 arrives from Hormann with many price reductions!!

Autumn normally sees new price lists in the world of garage doors and other building products.
The brand new Hormann UK series 2000 AND European size range price lists have just arrived and is a pleasant surprise!

Up and Over garage doors see a huge price reduction on the double dor sizes with all the other sizes remaining the same - Good news!!

Sectional garage doors sees a change in all the prices but some up and some down, in the main most have gone down a few percent.

Roller Doors also have some prices up and some down with a price increase on Decograin colours and reductions on normal paint finishes as the general trend.

Thermopro Entrance Doors have had a minimum increase but a revamp on the sizes available.

Sizes and Specifications

A new steel up and over door, the 2602 Finesse is launched, the same principal as the 2601 Elegance except horizontal lines. A smooth, clean finish panel with minimal detail.

New Silkgrain paint finishes are now firmly in place with a note that the new Titan finish is 13.8% lower in price than the Titan Metallic Decograin it has now replaced!! Please be aware if you have any samples going back earlier than last month and still have to order a door the colour and surface finish will be different now on the sectional doors but the same on any entrance doors from the Thermopro range.
If in doubt please check if the matching is important to you!!

New designer and very colourful handsets are now available in 5 bright colours and 6 further meat and wood finishes.

The Thermopro entrance door range no longer has the 920 and 932 wide sizes and is replaced with 1000mm and 1100mm wide standard size options but still has the made to order sizes available at a small extra over price.
The new 65mm thick Thermopro PLUS range is now fully available and only a small extra charge over the standard door.

A brand new range of double leaf side hinged sectional side doors are now available in S, M and L ribbed designs and most of the surface finishes as well as the colour options.
These doors offer high insulation and security levels for garages where regular pedestrian access is normal.

This seems so far to be a good Autumn price list from Hormann as price reductions are always welcome these days with all construction products usually rocketing in price over the last few years.

The Garage Door Centre is one of the largest Hormann distributors in the UK for trade and retail customers. Please call us now for the very best prices and expaert advice on the best specification for your door.  (01933) 229135

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