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30th January 2017
Reasons You Buy a New Garage Door

There are many reasons to replace an old garage door and various considerations to take into account when specifying and buying a new one.

It would be a mistake to not at least give some consideration to the many different types and options now available in a modern garage door before deciding which door to purchase.

Here are just some examples why doors are changed and what to consider:

Ease of Use?Electric operation for ease of access
Larger up and over doors always create problems for the elderly or infirm as they are always heavy once lifted beyond the half way point. Older doors with tired operating mechanisms also create problems especially when the springs cannot be adjusted.
The most obvious solution has always been to specify a garage door from the outset with electric operation. The ranges of electric operators now available gives a solution for every type of replacement door available and at any size. The convenience of operating your garage door remotely with a whole range of access controls, including your smart phone, is about as easy as you can get, and they are all reliable too with easy manual override systems if specified correctly.

Natural Light in the Garage?
There are so many window and glazing options now available in most garage door ranges it is impossible to show the various effects they create. If you need natural light in your garage however, you are spoilt for choice. Some garage doors will have considerably larger window options than others, however and you can even get sectional doors with glazing top to bottom. Roller doors even have small window section options available

A natural consideration but one so often overlooked. Obviously think about smaller children when specifying a new garage door and make sure it has the minimum safety standards adhered to and others if required, especially if the door is remote control operated.
Most doors comply but unbelievably many roller doors do not! They are not compliant with current CE regulations and the machinery directive for remote control electric doors which should be treated as a 'machine' in legal terms.
So many safety devices are available so make sure you have the right ones when having a new door to avoid damage, injury or just annoying problems with 'gremlins' which usually occur in cheaper, non European electric motors and controls

Many other considerations come into play when replacing a garage door but these outline what we see as the most common since 1986. For any advice at all simply call or email us with your query and we will be glad to help.


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