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30th January 2017
Remote Control Handsets for Electric Operators

Replacement Handsets for electric garage door or gate operators can be supplied by The Garage Door Centre, collected or posted direct to you. Make sure you have all the correct details first before conatacting us for prices and delivery times...

The Garage Door Centre has supplied replacement handsets for most current UK supplied remote control operators since 1986.
  4 button hand transmitter  1 button hormann hand transmitter
The replacement handsets for many older models such as Slave Dor, Liftboy, EasiLift and many older Chamberlain units are still available but in order to make sure the replacement hand set is correct we need some basic information:

1. Get all the codes and numbers from the back of the exisitng transmitter
2. Take any details from the actual motor unit of the existing operator

With this information we can tell whether we can replace with a like for like unit or whether you need to look to have newer transmitters and replace the receiver unit as well. There are many electric operators in the UK working in the older 433Mhz frequency and most units manufactured now are on the 868Mhz frequency for many practical reasons. One will not 'talk' to the other so you have to have compatible transmitters and receivers.
Setting up the new transmitters is normally quite easy and either involves a set of dip swtiches which have to be aligned to the same configuraion as the receiver (or exisitng transmitter) or with many modern transmitters you go through a simple programming procedure to make one transmitter 'learn from the other one and duplicate the coding.
We stock transmitters and accessories for:

and many other older manufacturers

For information on spares, repairs and accessories call our spares department on (01933) 274442


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