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10th November 2017
Replacing a Garage Door - Tips and Advice

Tips and Advice to bear in mind when replacing a garage door

 Deciding on the Garage Door Suitable for you...

Firstly, why are you changing your garage door? Appearance? Renovation project? New vehicle that won’t go through the existing opening? Old door simply given up? Whatever the reasons, there are a number of boxes you need to tick before making your final decision.

The Garage Door Installation before


The Garage Door Installation After


 Will my new garage door give me adequate drive through width and height and enough depth?

Just because your existing garage door does don’t automatically assume a new garage door will. For a start, even if the new garage door is the same ordering size, if you are having a steel fixing frame that may be wider than the timber frame fitted. This will immediately decrease your drive-through width.
On certain models of garage doors the gear is fitted higher thus avoiding car wing mirrors –Hormann and Garador – (Plus Gear), Cardale (Maximiser Gear) and Novoferm (retractable doors) all have this gear arrangement. 
Looking for insulation?

Claims galore will be made about what level of insulation you can expect. If you actually have a totally plumb garage which has totally level floors and straight walls it is possible to achieve a fully insulated garage with a perfectly fitted insulated sectional garage door. Different companies offer different levels of insulation properties with their garage doors. Remember – if your garage is out of square, if you do not have a level floor you cannot expect to achieve a total seal.
Do ask the company installing your door to advise you on the level of insulation you can expect.
If you are having a company install your door(s) you should expect them to undertake a survey. Do establish what the installation does and does not include. Don’t be unrealistic – what is not visible cannot be allowed for – especially if you are pressing for the lowest possible price.
Establish what is included in the sale

If you see a door with lots of extras fitted in a showroom – roller shutters with encasing boxes, four point locking etc – don’t assume that the extras are automatically included. Likewise with brochures – all that is shown in pictures is not necessarily supplied as standard.
Check how long the company has been in existence.
Find out whether they have a showroom.
If you are having your door delivered to you (as opposed to fitted by the supplying company) find out whether they will be expecting assistance to offload. Garage doors can be quite weighty!
If you are buying from a company (not from the internet) do visit their showroom.
Make sure that any surveyor has proper access to your garage – the more he can see the less likely there will be of any shocks when the door is being installed.
If you are impressed with a neighbour’s door then do ask who they bought it from – recommendations count for a lot.

Just for the record – a few miscellaneous tips:

  • If you are south facing avoid dark coloured garage doors – they absorb and lose heat making them susceptible to panel swelling and consequential ill fitting.

  • If you live in coastal areas avoid timber doors – salt attacks the wood.

  • If your garage door opens straight out to a public footpaths do not fit electrically operated up and over doors – you cannot see who is walking past when you open them from the inside.

  • If you are buying doors with tracks (retractable or sectional garage doors) do your homework to ensure that the tracks will not foul the opening of any pedestrian door going into the garage.


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