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30th January 2017
Rundum Meir Round the Corner Garage Doors

The future is always just around the corner....

Rundum Meir Original Round-The-Corner Garage Doors 

Rundum Meir round the corner garage doorSince 1968, Rundum Meir have been making beautiful, safe, convenient garage doors catering for all your needs at a value that lasts. We know that safety is a priority, and can guarantee that the Rundum sturdy doors provide maximum security, coupled with such ease of operation that a child would be safe using them. Alongside the security and performance, Rundum Meir’s Original round-the-corner garage doors give a highly versatile degree of elegance to your home, offering a whole range from daring new outlines to sophisticated designs and traditional aesthetics.

Rundum Meir round-the-corner doors turn your home into a showpiece, bringing innovative design and aesthetics to your doorstep. If you opt for an original solid timber door, there are six different gorgeous types to choose from and a fantastic range of routing options to give your home the look that is best suited.

Our timeless timber doors are stained, and sealed at the bottom to prevent water damage, but the final choice of colour is left to you, so you can personalise your door exactly as you wish to. However, if you opt for the chic, modern, aluminium version, you have a choice of five beautiful colours that are weather and rust resistant, as well as low maintenance. Stove enamel finish ensures your door is virtually scratch resistant, so it stays looking smart with minimal input from you.

Rundum Meir round-the-corner garage doors allow you to make full use of the space in your garage, no matter what size, due to the ability to fit top and side fascias - this is ideal for garages with little headroom, or a very large entrance, as it provides easy access for high vehicles without having to worry about parking space. Almost any size can be catered for and they are always made to order for a perfect fit. Sliding behind the aperture allows the Rundum Original to install into any shape of garage opening, curved, arched, etc.

You can rely on us to ensure you receive optimum performance as soon as you want it. Rundum Meir doors are fitted and changed in just a single day by our experts, and we make it our business to meet your requirements so that you feel totally satisfied with your new look.

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