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30th January 2017
Safety and Compliance for Electric Garage Doors

We find it amazing that so many companies on the internet and especially on Ebay are offering electric garage doors that are not legal in the UK

What should you expect from an electric operated garage door especially when it is remote control operated?

What you should expect from a garage door of any size electrically operated is a safe and reliable product fit for purpose and daily use.
The fact that it has to be compliant with the CPD (construction products directive) in order to be CE marked by your installer also means that it has to be manufactured using the correct specificed safety devices.

Unfortunately there is an enormous number of roller garage doors in particular that are being sold in the UK that do not comply. Here is an extract from the DHF (Door and Hardware Federation) website explaining about CE marking and the machinery directive - a directive applying to any door which has been made to be electrically operated and operated by remote control. Once a door is electrically operated it is considered a 'machine' in legal terms and should be treated as such for safety and operation methods.

It is against the Law to install a power operated garage door in the UK without complying with The Machinery Directive.

To comply with the Machinery Directive both the door and the operator used in the Installation must have a declaration of Incorporation from the manufacturer.
On completion of the installation the Installer must provide a Declaration of conformity and apply a CE mark giving details of the installation to the door / operator combination, which is now classed as a machine.

  • The Installer must issue to the Customer a declaration of conformity on the completion of the installation.

  • The Installer must hold copies of both the Declarations of Incorporation and the Declaration of Conformity on a technical file for inspection by the relevant authorities.

  • If any of the above requirements are not fulfilled the Installation is illegal.

    Please ensure for your own safety and peace of mind that whoever installs your electric operator is both willing and able to fulfil these requirements; if they are not - do not use them!

    Members of the DHF Garage Door Installer Group CAN and WILL install your operator safely and legally.

What does this all mean in reality?

What it means is that if you ever had an accident of any kind with your electric door that you may well find all sorts of issues legally when it comes to any claims or legal action against or by you.
Installing and using in your own home a product which is not CE compliant or compliant with the machinery directive and is a product usually of a large size with obvious potential danger issues surely should pose some fairly serious questions?
Would you not want the very large electric roller or sectional door used by yourself and your family to be as safe as possible, even without any legal paperwork?
There have unfortunately been 2 or 3 cases recently where serious injury and deaths have occurred with electric gate systems, and yes the findings from investigations were that the gates were not fitted with suitable safety devices to prevent the accidents. No surpise really.

There are very obvious specific examples that we can guide you through when you are looking and considering purchasing an electric garage door and also some examples of non compliant manual operated doors as well!!
The regulations cover all types of doors - up and over, roller shutter, sectional, side hinged, round the corner. When you are looking to install any of these doors with electric operation some careful consideration should be given to who is going to use it, how often will it be used, is it near to a public path or highway, and many other questions.

Before having any electric door or gate installed what you are really doing is like a mini risk assesment purely to identify any potential danger from the users of the door and/or the surroundings nearby as well as the actual door and electric operator itself being fully compliant and safe for daily use.

Call The Garage Door Centre now for further details on doors and electric operator systems available within the UK 100% fit for purpose and safe to use.


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