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30th January 2017
Sectional Doors - Vertical or Horizontal Opening?

Now you have a choice to consider - Should my door open upwards or sideways?
With the new HST side sectional door from Hormann you can decide on either.

The Sectional door has been a slow starter in the UK with the traditional up and over and roller doors taking the limelight. However, as indicated in so many features and articles on ours and other websites the sectional garage door should always be a consideration for its strength, style choices, practicality, security and outright value for money.
Now we have the Hormann HST side sliding sectional door in the UK you have the choice of a double skinned insulated garage door constructed from exactly the same panels as the tried and tested LPU40 sectional door range. The HST door is a bespoke garage door that opens sideways and should be considered for so many reasons than just being a very cool product. You can use it for very wide openings and where there is a lack of internal headroom or just too many obstacles to overcome internally. The door can obviously also open only a fraction of its width to act as the perfect pedestrian entrance door to your garage.
Horman HST sectional door from inside the garage
The side sectional door requires a minimum reveal internally of 130mm to give a full clear opening but can be specified to always be tight against the side wall for maximum use of the garage

The preference for a round the corner type mechanism is usually a consideration when vertical lines are required for planning or local building regulation requirements. A common reason given for not considering a round the corner type door is that you lose an internal wall - we say you do not and everyone who has these doors actually finds the reality is you keep your garage far tidier than normal. If space is that precious you can always build a false wall in front of the door tracking area and then add shelves, etc anyway.
Both the side sectional and normal sectional door are capable of installing behind any shape of garage opening due to the fact they do not move past the framework at any point during operation.
various shapes of garage openings can be accomodated with sectional doors

A normal sectional type garage door is a product that does require a fair bit of internal headroom space but it is worth pointing out the tracking is nearly always higher than a normal one piece up and over door and wider too so in many cases the tracks will be tight against the ceiling and walls so not a problem internally.
High lift tracks can always be specified in garages with high ceilings anyway to take the door panels up to the ceiling height if required. The door panels generally clear the full height when open to give maximum drivethrough width and height.
stnadard z track sectional door gear internally
A standard single width sectional door normally requires 100mm of headroom but can be 220 or as high as you wish using torsion springs rather than side mounted tension springs

Both the HST and the LPU40 sectional door panels are constructed from 42mm thick double skinned foam filled insulated steel door panels usually between 375 and 500mm in section width and offer very high levels of insulation and security due to the strength of these panels.
side sectional door panel cross sectionA decograin M ribbed sectional door panel
The front face of the door panels are available in many different paint colour finishes or 'Decograin' laminate woodgrain effect finishes such as 'Golden Oak' or 'Mahogany'.

These finishes are tough and very attractive designed to match many different other features on the home - windows and other doors types.

Hormann also offer their own range of very high quality entrance doors in the same finishes as many of the sectional doors if you do require a perfect colour match - see our entrance doors page >

Call us now for the very latest prices and specifications on either the side or normal sectional type doors and see how you can benefit from such garage door systems

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