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30th January 2017
Sectional Garage Doors - what to pay?

What should you be paying for when you buy a sectional garage door?

Researching and obtaining prices on sectional garage doors is a tough task to undertake with everybody professing to have the best sectional door in the UK or even the world!

The simple rule of thumb remains the same as most other things in life - If a price, offer, deal or one off special seems too good to be true then it probably is.

Sectional Garage Door Three Sectional Garage Doors

Right now as I am sure we are all too aware the building industry is not so good since 2008 and manufacturers and distributors of products in this industry are desperate to sell their goods. In fairness, obviously you can probably obtain a genuine good deal as most retailers, wholesalers and specialists are selling at the lowest margins ever seen but beware that what you are being sold is the right door for the purpose of sizing, colour, security and functionality. We are seeing many 'too good to be true' offers floating around where all too conveniently full details of the product are a little vague. When requesting prices for a sectional door you really need to know the following as minimum details.

1. Actual door size being offered
2. Actual drive through sizes achieved when open
3. Is it single skin steel, 20mm, 42mm or 45mm double skinned and insulated?
4. What exact finish are you getting?
5. What electric operator (if required) will you get and what access controls are included?
6. What guarantee does the door and/or operator have?
7. Where will the door fit in your opening exactly?

Far too often sectional garage doors are being offered where you will be told it is the same as another quote but you will find for example the door is a stock standard door being made to fit your non standard opening or more often we see cheap, inferior non European, non CE compliant electric operators being offered with the excuse 'it will be fine, it will lift that door easily' and yes it might well do, but what kind of security does it offer and what guarantee does it have (5 years is pretty much the standard these days for good quality electric operators). Can you guarantee continuity of the availability of remote controls, etc?

We could name the top leading brands of sectional garage doors but we feel that could be unfair to some very good smaller manufacturers whose doors are superb but not sold just on their attractive pricing policy - Remember you do only ever get what you pay for in the long run - buy too cheap and buy twice!!

We do have some price examples in our website which give a good general guide as to what to expect to pay - garage door price guide >

We are always happy of course to give you an inbiased opinion on any garage door type and what to expect from it in terms of quality and price - Call now direct on (01933) 229135


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