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12th April 2018
Seven Ways Accoya Solves The Perils of Classic Timber Doors

Is Accoya the ultimate timber species for garage doors?

The graining of Accoya timber

We have been providing good quality timber doors for a very long time, however concerns amid the true durability of them are yet to cease. Accoya timber doors however, are the ultimate solution to this apparent burden.

Due to the promise of Accoya’s longevity, it seems there would be no reason to question the viability of Accoya against other garage door materials. A bit pricier maybe, but the doors truly offer a beautiful finish and fantastic durability.

What are the perils of an ordinary timber door?

Although there is now a good variety of timber doors available, they do still require maintenance in order to preserve their original beauty. It is worth noting of course that all materials used for garage door construction will require some form of maintenance, not just timber.

Timber doors also possess vulnerable qualities due to the erratic nature of the weather in the UK. This is especially relevant if you live close to an exposed coastal location, where it is advised you take special care in selecting your timber species and particular treatments for the conditions. Arguably in coastal regions, steel doors would be an even worse choice in terms of the material’s properties as the salt could destroy inferior steel or paint finishes very quickly.

Various solutions and alternatives have been found for many of the difficulties encountered regarding different timber species. For instance, oak, a naturally heavy and expensive timber, can be substituted by Idigbo, which is cheaper and lighter, yet is similar in appearance to oak, along with other advantageous qualities. Of course, different timber species are more suitable for certain door types – for instance, oak would not be manufactured into a sectional garage door.

Accoya: the ultimate solution

The facts and figures provided by Accoya completely validate its excellence as a material: it has a life expectancy of 50 years above ground, and 25 years underground and in freshwater. This is due to the timber’s exposure to acetylation, a process where the wood undergoes cell structure alteration to significantly enhance its natural strength all the way through to the core.

1: Life expectancy of 50 years: The acetylation process allows Accoya to become a strengthened timber with unbeatable levels of durability for outdoor use.

2: 10 year guarantee on finishing: Woodrite, a certified supplier of Accoya offer a 10 year guarantee on finish when the door is ordered with factory finishing.

3: Perfect timber for painting: Not only do Accoya timber doors have a very fine surface finish after sanding, they also absorb very little water from any paint, so they offer a fantastic material to paint onto. Due to the given extended durability of Accoya, the timber will have greater endurance in regards to damages, which in turn makes the longevity of the paint greater.

4: Environmentally friendly throughout every stage of the Accoya lifecycle.  Accoya is 100% recyclable, contains no toxic chemicals, and the process of its production emits very low Greenhouse gas emissions. Plus, not only is Accoya naturally renewable, it is only sourced from sustainable forests where the timber is plentiful.

5: Beautiful timber graining: Despite its innovative and mordern technologies, Accoya possesses an authentic appearance with beautiful graining and finishes available, allowing the doors to complement the aesthetics of various property types.

6: Practically rot proof, Accoya timber is strengthened from the surface to the core and is significantly hardened.

7: Timber doors are repairable if damaged; scratches and gouges in timber products can be sanded out or filled. Many door designs use individual boards, meaning that if one becomes damaged it can ultimately be replaced, something that is almost impossible with many steel or aluminium door panels.

For more information about pressure treated timber, please take a look at this fabulous page, recommended to us by one of our young website visitors.


Woodrite's Thetford Range consists entirely of Accoya garage doors...

Harling - Woodrite Accoya garage door - Thetford Range Burnham - Woodrite Accoya up and over from Thetford Range View entire Woodrite Accoya doors - Thetford



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