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30th January 2017
Steel Garage Doors

Steel is still the most common form or material used to make any garage door and with modern paints, glazing materials and laminate coatings you can get a very varied garage door design in steel.

Since the first steel up and over garage doors we have seen sectional garage doors, side hinged, roller shutter and round the corner garage doors all made from steel with most of the components and operating gear also made from the same.
The reason is simple, it is strong and easy to manipulate into shapes and designs and when made into double skinned steel with a foam filled core you have a panel that can be made right up to 8 metres wide!! Insulated double skinned roller door slats can also give very large widths too with the strength gained from the thickness and rigidity of the lath sections.
Properly galvanised and painted you will not have any issues with rusting unless you are right next to the coast suffering from salt degradation on most materials used.

Steel can be folded, welded, cut and bent into all sorts of shapes without upsetting its original strength and often making it stronger in certain shapes. Most timber, GRP and Upvc garage doors have a steel sub frame chassis to give the majority of the strength needed to have the door panel held horizontally without too much deflection.
Do be aware of cheap steel products as they do exist, and a cheap steel up and over garage door with pressed panels can look pretty awful from brand new, with creased corners and wavey fluctuations in the panel from the steel not being thick enough in the first place. Of course quite often the operating gear will also be sub standard and cause issues from the start - look for zinc plated springs, a box section chassis, the largest wheels for runners for easy operation and the thickest spring balance cables on any canopy door for lifting the door panel as the cheaper ones will shear frequently just when you need it least to happen!

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