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30th January 2017
SWS Seceuroglide now with 5 year warranty

One of the first roller door manufacturers to be clear and exact on their warranty details.  5 years on everything - A UK exclusive!!

Why is this worth mentioning you may ask?  Well when you see guarantees and warranties used in headline adverts and brochures for most products we buy there is nearly always a catch of some sort.
10 year guarantees are the best example where if you were to get the exact details of the guarantee from the manufacturer you will find some stipulations and exceptions.
seceuroglide electric roller doors
Seceuroglide roller garage doors have always been clear about the warranty details but it varied from 2 years on some parts to 10 years on certain laminate foil finishes on the curtain. Now however, as of the 1st July 2013 you get a 5 year warranty on everything on the door including the control systems, transmitters and all mechanical parts. This applies to the best selling standard Seceuroglide, the Compact, LT and manual version and even the 'secured by design' Excel version.

The Garage Door Centre has always been very strict on ensuring all products we sell are of the highest quality, tested and certified and preferably guaranteed for as long as possible for peace of mind. The Seceuroglide roller door has always been reliable for us and hence we sell so many every week.
We don't want problems any more than our customers do as it takes up valuable time to sort out. We have traded since 1986 and problems with products not lasting to their warranty dates would cause us enormous issues. Not that every product is perfect but we do have to ensure product problems are an absolute minimum.
As mentioned in so many other articles on our website the roller garage door industry in the UK is one of the most difficult for any consumer to get the truth about the best door to look at buying. Everyone says theirs is the best and in fact as a door it is the one that at a quick glance will look the same as the next one. This is not the case of course and with an aluminium aluminium roller door you will literally only ever get what you pay for. We would say forget anything out there being sold for leass than £1,000 fitted on a single size. It just doesn't add up, wherever the components may have originated from.
Stick to tried and tested and compliant roller doors otherwise you may well end up with something you really wish you had not bought in the first place, even though the saleman promised it had a 10 year guarantee!

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