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20th February 2019
Tips on Preventing Burglary

Tips on preventing burglary and a selection of our products that are designed to offer you peace of mind

Tips to Prevent Burglary...

Recent research by The Office for National Statistics shows that burglary rates increased by 6% in early March 2018. You can help to prevent burglary by undertaking easy steps for your home, including:

  • Leave lights on when out of the house

  • Lock all windows and doors at night and when not at home

  • Prevent posting dates when away from home on social media

  • Don’t leave valuables in-view of windows

In this modern age, it is important to adapt our new technologies in alignment with how criminals can use it against us.

At The Garage Door Centre, we take the topic of people’s home and garage extremely seriously due to the nature of the products we supply and install. As a result of this, we offer several products that offer an enhanced level of security to assist in putting people’s mind at rest. It is vital that your home’s front door and garage door help to prevent the entry of potential intruders, offer durable properties, and are equipped with good locking systems.

Below is a short overview of what products have been awarded with the Secured by Design accreditation, meaning they have undergone thorough testing approved by UK Police and insurance companies.

SeceuroGlide Excel Security Roller Garage Door

SeceuroGlide Excel

Garador Guardian Up & Over Garage Door

Garador Guardian

Hormann LPU 42 Sectional Garage Door Secured by Design

Hormann LPU 42 

SeceuroGlide Excel: Roller Door Range

If you're security conscious and looking into having a roller garage door installed, the Excel is the ultimate choice. Whilst the Classic model of the SeceuroGlide consistently proves to be an excellent quality roller door, the Excel is manufactured with additional features to specifically increase its levels of security:

  • Patented locking system that locks and secure door into place

  • Door slats lock into place upon closure, with unique slat anchors

  • Steel teeth that further secure the door down

View SeceuroGlide Excel in Product Catalogue

Garador Guardian: Up & Over Door Range

Garador are a reputable UK manufacturer and designed the first ever Secured by Design up and over garage door. The Guardian model from Garador is perfect for those requiring a traditional up and over garage door, but with additional security precautions. These include:

  • Lock body protection

  • Anti-snap cylinder

  • High security bracing

  • Improved lock security

Garador Guardian in Product Catalogue

Hormann LPU 42: Sectional Door Range

Market-leading manufacturer Hormann produce top-of-the-range sectional garage doors, and when these are paired with a Series 3 Bi-Secur Hormann electric operator, it is officially Secured by Design accredited.

Plus, their ThermoPro steel front entrance doors are Secured by Design too, meaning you can match your front and garage door whilst any security worries are lessened. Most importantly there are no cost increases as these are not upgrades, but simply Hormann’s standard sectional garage doors!

However, where an even more secure and insulated garage door is required, Hormann manufacture the LPU 67, a sectional with 67mm thick door leaves.

View Hormann LPU 42 in Product Catalogue

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