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30th January 2017
What New Products Can We Expect For 2013?

 2013 has a lot more to offer in new products than 2012 for certain..

 2013 has started fairly briskly in the world of electric garage doors and gates not only for sales but also for new products being launched into the UK. The 21st century is really starting to take a hold on many products with things such as smartphone control for roller doors from Seceuroglide, Bi Secur electric operator technology from Hormann and new super tough, super realistic high quality finishes for sectional doors to come from Hormann in the spring.

With new technology also comes a lot of scepticism in a lot of industries as to whether it will work and do we really need it anyway. For roller garage doors we can tell you the amount of insulated aluminium roller doors being sold in the UK is at an all time high and that should be great but the trouble is almost half of them are fairly useless and not worth investing your money in however great the deal presented may seem.
We have wanted a roller garage door with real security, safety and up to the minute technology for years now and the Seceuroglide has always been a favourite as it was one of the original doors made for the UK market many years ago. It is the most secure, the quietist and in our experience one of the most reliable and all this does not make it automatically the most exepnsive as it is certainly not.
Now we have smartphone control, brand new transmitter choices, GSM phone control and lighting used for security and convenience it seems something may have started to make the roller garage door truly integrate into the modern home and be more than just a lot of slats rolling around a steel barrel with a motor. Look out for many more developments with this door from here on!

Hormann have always been innovative with their doors and operators and they certainly have pushed forward this year so far. We saw the Bi secur series 3 remote control operators launched late last year and this gave the highest level of security for any operator on the market as well as some neat new features and brand new 'Ipod' style hand held transmitters.

What else do we expect this year?

> A new range of superb finishes recreating many different timber finishes and colours on their already world beating LPU40 sectional door series using a new technique with the best guarantees ever.
> A new extended range of Thermopro entrance doors with new designs and a Thermopro PLUS option - thicker panel and better insualation.
> Representation of Hormann by Mr Michael Schumacher no less! The new ambassador for Hormann and still the most successful formula 1 driver of all time. 
> A new range of 100mm thich TOP aluminium entrance doors using carbon fibre!
> a new Titan metallic paint finish for the silkgrain sectional doors
> New products in the commercial door range to ensure the very best for the roller and sectional door options offered by Hormann Industrial.

Blimey, what else can we take on board this year?

Many other new developments and further developments of exisitng products are due and we will be the first to get them onto the UK market as they arrive.

Call for details on any of the doors, operators or high quality awnings we offer.


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