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30th January 2017
Why So Many Insulated Garage Doors Now?

We have seen our sales of insulated garage doors soar in recent years, but why?

There is for us a massive increase in garage doors with insulated properties but it seems to be a combination of things driving the sales.

1. There are many more garage doors now readily available constructed from a foam filled double skinned steel or aluminium panel design than there were 10-20 years ago. This insulation serves 2 purposes - insulation, obviously, but also panel strength for stability and strength enabling larger sizes to be produced without panel sagging or deflection.
See the Hormann and Carteck sectional doors for good examples.

2. The rise in renovations including making the garage into another room for the house, whether it be a workshop, playroom, office or similar the insulated garage door gives the levels required to make this possible without having to seal up the original opening, leaving options open for the future. The right door also provide the access reuired for a pedestrian rather than a car.

3. A general requirement in customers wanting better sealing for their garage as with increasingly aggressive winds and rain in the UK the older doors are not up to ther job of keeping out rainwater and other mess blown in. Look at the average older type up and over dors and see the mount of space around the door panel between the sub frame.

4. The insulated panels give rise to other desireable options such as inset pedestrian doors in the main door panel for easy access without opening the door. Also double glazed, proper, secure window options in the door panels. You need the priginal strength in the panel to be able to cut it without majot stability issues.

The increase in sales of one range or type of product leads to an increase in r&d if the demand stays strong and with this comes new product launches and at present a great deal of these every time are insulated garage doors. With pressure on all households to reduce carbon footprints and to save money by making sure the home is properly insulated then in many cases for integral garages of course the door can also make a difference. We know most garages do not have an insulated outer wall but the difference a well sealed and insulated garage door can make in the winter can be very dramatic indeed as the majority of exisitng garage doors in the UK are still single skin steel up and over doors with massive gaps around the outside letting in all the cold air, dust and rain in many cases.
You may not immediately think you need an insulated garage door but you will almost certainly want one when you realise the styles, options and properties they offer.

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