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30th November 1999
Woodrite New 2012 Timber Garage Doors Range

The largest range of timber up and over and side hinged garage doors in the UK? The new Woodrite timber door range may have exactly that for 2012!

Launched this month Woodrite Garage Doors have shown us the most comprehesive timber door range ever seen including a whole new range of Idigbo timber doors in beautiful designs and finishes.

The Woodrite range of doors are offered in 2 main types of construction for various technical and aesthetic reasons. They are either 'panel built' doors or 'solid built' which is a reference to the way the door panel is manufactured in the factory before the operating gear is chosen. The panel built doors are further broken down into 2 types, the Masta gear range and the Super Chassis range and now you may think this is already getting confusing but again there are always reasons for one against the other.

The Masta Gear build is a 'belt and braces' type build using an aluminium sub frame with heavy duty retractable operating gear featuring cranked lifting arms on the single size doors to improve drive hrough width.

The Super Chassis build is using a box section galvanised steel chassis derived from the Hormann Series 2000 door system and using the very same operating type gear in a retractable mechanism with a canopy option if required.

The Solid Panel build timber door is exactly as it sounds with a door panel constructed using traditional mortice and tenon jointing techniques and then having the Masta gear attached directly to the timber panel. This type of door is made purely of timber and looks as good inside as out.

Panel build and solid build doors by Woodrite

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