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Bespoke Garage Doors

Bespoke Garage Doors from The Garage Door Centre

Specialists in Bespoke Garage Doors

The Garage Door Centre is a UK-based specialist in bespoke garage doors. After supplying and installing garage doors for over three decades now, we have significant experience in the requirements, as well as the extensive possibilities, of bespoke garage doors. Our services have spanned and accomodated for a huge number of architects, builders and businesses where bespoke products are required.

What Bespoke Services Do We Offer?

Firstly, no matter the door type or model, ALL of our garage doors can be made to measure in sizing.

If you're looking for a door with a certain flare of character, or with particularaly specific requirements, you can call on The Garage Door Centre to discover the most creative, ideal solution for your application.

Require a glass garage door? Looking to design your very own door? Have an exceptionally small, large or odd-shaped opening? Just call the experts.

Bespoke Materials

We have installed a plethora of doors manufactured with various types of materials, however now is the best time to get creative. With developing technologies, a vast number of materials can be used to manufacture or become incorporated into the production of a garage door.

Bespoke Designs

The majority of our manufacturers offer excellent modern, beautiful designs that complement various types of home and garage.

Ryterna, an innovative and high quality Lithuanian manufacturer, now offer a service allowing customers to order garage and front entrance doors featuring their very own design! With various unique, pre-drawn designs available, as well as the oppurtunity to draw your own, the opppurtunities with design are now endless!

ET500 range by Hormann

The ET500 door model was originally manufactured by Hormann to specifically cater for larger sized doors that are frequently operated. Therefore, the ET500 is constructed with a significant amount of stregth, its specifications ideal for commercial and high usage applications.

Its durable properties are now being utilised for use in various contexts as it can be infilled with various materials, making the ET 500 creatively advantageous, with the possibility to make it seamlessly a part of the surrounding architecture.

The durable properties of the ET500 are now being utilised for use in various contexts as the steel panel can be infilled with various materials, including timber and aluminium sheets. This technology allows the creation of an entirely bespoke door, including the possibility of a wicket door being manufactured inset within the door itself. Its high specifications make this a highly secure, quiet and smoothly operating up and over garage door.

Ryterna's Bespoke Design Services

If you're looking for a garage or front entrance door that stands out from the rest, contact us to take advantage of Ryterna's bespoke design services. 

Ryterna offer a number of doors with various modern and sleek designs available that are especially suitable for contemporary homes.

In addition to this, they also offer a 'design your own' service, allowing you to create a design that is entirely your own. Whether you wish to keep your door minimalistic, create a distinguishing statement, or simply want your door to include a unique feature (such as your house number), the oppurtunities are extensive.


Luxury Doors by Silvelox

Silvelox offer luxurious, bespoke garage doors with no internal tracking and limitless design possibilities.

Up & Over Garage Doors by Silvelox

Silvelox's exquisite range of timber doors are constructed with high quality, Italian craft.

The manufacturing process allows for almost any design to be crafted within the timber door panel, with various options available such windows, grilles, remote controls and an inset wicket door, making for effortless pedestrian access. 

Trackless Securlap

The most innovative garage door available, and truly the garage door of the future, the Securlap is available in a plethora of both traditional and modern designs, suitable for a variety of homes and properties. Offering the world's first and only trackless sectional garage door system, this is truly an exclusively high specification door for your garage.


Quality Timber Garage Doors from Woodrite

Experience the natural and authentic beauty of timber with Woodrite's range of up & over, side hinged and pedestrian doors.

With an unmatched choice of high quality timber species, finishes and colours, you are certain to find the perfect timber door for your garage.

Woodrite's quality doors are as a result of their excellent craftsmanship and professionally thorough treatment process for every door that is constructed. If you require a bespoke, special timber door design, just give us a call!


Breda Garage Doors - Bespoke Materials and Designs

Unique Designs & Materials for Sectional Garage Doors by Breda

Breda offer a truly unique collection of materials that can be featured within the design of your new sectional garage door. Their Italian craftmanship makes for insulating and secure doors, and invites incredible levels of creativity, allowing you to match the door with its environment, or create a significant statement in its own right.

Not only bringing the likes of traditional, warm timber to your door, Breda can feature materials such as sandstone, brick, and marble, as well as various quirky colourful textures and features such as leather, flowers and coffee beans... the possibilites are truly vast!


Timber Sectional Garage Doors from Hormann

Timber Sectional Garage Doors from Hormann

Appreciate the traditional appearance of timber whilse benefiting from the modern operation of the sectional garage door.

Hormann's sectional timber garage doors are manufactured with Hemlock which can be finished in a selection of wood preservatives, including: Pine, Teak, Fir Green and Nordic Red.



We pride ourselves on our exclusive and bespoke services here at The Garage Door Centre.

Whether you require a bespoke design for your home, or maybe you're an architect working on more of an unconventional project, we want to hear about it!

Just give us a call on 01933 229135, or drop us an e-mail via

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