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Electric Gates by AGD Systems

The Garage Door Centre works in unison with our sister company AGD Systems who provude for both residential and commercial premises. We work to bring you the best in access control systems and manual/automatic electric sliding and swing gates in steel, aluminium and wood/timber. They also supply and instal barriers, bollards and rising kerbs.

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Operating principally in Central England and throughout the Home Counties since 1986, AGD Systems offer a comprehensive design, manufacture and installation service covering all types of residential & commercial electric gate systems, specialist garage doors and access control solutions. Sliding gates and swing gates in steel, aluminium and timber are supplied in almost any size or style required.

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What are swing gates?

Simply enough, a swing gate is a gate which operates in a swinging motion. These can be both manually or automatically operated using an electric operator. Electric operators can be installed as visible physical units alongside the gate, or they can be installed underground to provide a beautifully natural appearance which complements the gate. Although swing gates do not offer the same high level of security as sliding gates, they are still able to provide a quality level of security. We provide swing gates in Aluminium, Steel and Wood.

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Swing Gates

Sliding Gates

Cantilever Gates

What are sliding gates?

A sliding gate slides along a stationary rail on small wheels. Known for their high security qualities due to their strength, sliding gates also provide an imposing visual image to deter burglars. We provide sliding gates for commercial and residential premises in Aluminium, Steel and Wood.

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Steel Gates Timber Gates Aluminium Gates

What are commercial access control systems?

Commercial access control systems are products suitable mainly for use on commercial and industrial premises. These products have been adapted to meet commercial security needs and can be installed in almost any location. AGD Systems supply commercial gates, barriers, rising bollards/kerbs, and Raising Kerbs for all commercial requirements.

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