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Doors within Doors

Door of the month from The Garage Door Centre: Wicket Doors


We’re introducing a new feature to our website every month, giving us a chance to shout about the very latest and greatest in the industry! This month, we’re focusing on garage doors with wicket doors. These can also referred to as pedestrian doors or inset wicket doors and, to put it simply, it is a door… within a door!

This really is the ultimate door type in regards to convenience, saving endless amounts of time and effort for any owner! A practical solution that effortlessly integrates within the modern household, the wicket door is an option that every garage owner should consider…

Why consider a wicket door?

Innovative Technology Wicket Doors save energy for your home Convenient

Up and Over garage doors with wicket door

Up & Over Garage Doors with Pedestrian Access

Up & over garage doors remainly hugely popular throughout the UK, and there are now various models available with a wicket door, offering convenient pedestrian access.

We offer a range of luxury up and over doors, manufactured by Silvelox, that are counter-balance weight operated, and these can be fitted with a wicket door that appears almost completely hidden within the door panel, with various advanced designs that incorporate the door seamlessly.

Hormann also manufacture steel up and over doors that can be fitted with an inset wicket door, their N80-DF98 range available in sizes up to 5000mm wide and 2750mm high.

Cedar Door offer the option to fit a selection of their timber up and over garage doors to feature a wicket door, with exact specifcation is available.

Sectional garage doors with wicket door

Sectional Garage Doors with Pedestrian Access

Our extensive range consists of a number of wicket door options from manufacturers Hormann and Ryterna, including our insulated, double skinned sectional doors with an inset wicket door that is equipped with a threshold of minimal size.

A masterpiece of engineering, this can be manually or electrically operated in sizes up to 8m wide and approximately 3m high.

The wicket door is innovatively manufactured within the structure of the sectional door; when the sectional door is closed, the wicket door can be used at leisure, whilst upon operation, the entirety of the door rises vertically as a standard sectional door does.

Round the Corner garage doors with pedestrian access

Our round the corner doors offer a pedestrian opening width facility. So, although there is no inset pedestrian door, the same facility is there as the door can be opened by any amount.

A range of materials can be selected for this style of door, the most popular being steel or timber, the latter providing a classic and traditional garage door. 

Rundum Meir specialise in the manufacturing of timber round the corner garage doors, and have acquired over 40 years of valuable experience within the industry. Their beautiful timber doors are constructed in their German factory using high quality joinery techniques, creating bespoke doors in a variety of timber species.

Hormann also manufacture round the corner doors as part of their HST range. The HST consists of steel panels with a thickness of 42mm, offering a high level of strength and insulation. With a variety of colours available, as well as the sleek appearance and operation, the HST is a convenient, modern solution suitable for various property types.

SWS offer the Vertico door; this is ultimately a side-sliding alternative to their standard, vertically-operated roller garage doors. The vertico is an aluminium door with double-skinned alumnium slats that offer a level of insulation.

Silvelox Up and Over with Wicket Door

Advancing Technology

The concept of the wicket door, offering the user to access the garage without opening the entirety of the door, is a concept that has been around for many, many years. Side hinged was certainly one of the earliest garage door types available, whilst in larger towns and cities, a sliding, round the corner door system proved to be more popular.

Today, there is an abundance of door options manufactured to achieve this desirable solution. Over the years, manufacturers started developing them within not only round the corner doors, but their up and over door designs, and now they are increasingly popular within sectional garage doors too.


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The paramount purpose of a wicket door within a garage door is its sheer element of convenience. If your garage is frequently accessed by both foot and vehicle, the wicket door enables you to enter or exit the garage without opening the entirety of the door. In turn, this saves a huge amount of heat escaping from your garage, any weather entering, and prevents your garage being consistently exposed to the surrounding neighborhood.

This practicality is especially ideal for those that use their garage for additional requirements than simply vehicle storage, such as a gym, workshop or playroom.

Sectional doors with pedestrian access are particularly advantageous for various reasons, including their utilisation in industrial environments, as well as their mechanism. Upon operation, the sectional door rises vertically as standard, the inset wicket door rising also as it becomes an integral part of the entire door upon its closure.

Side Hinged Garage Doors

For applications where the garage is entered frequently upon foot, side hinged garage doors are also an option worth looking into.The range of traditional side hinged doors available is greater than ever before, with doors available in steel, GRP, timber and aluminium. The most in demand at present are the double-skinned, insulated side hinged garage doors; these offer significant strength, security and insulation. These can be manufactured with a 2/3rd and 1/3rd split to provide a smaller door where regular access on foot is made.

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Click the links below to find out more information about the doors we have available with an inset wicket door. If you'd like to find out more or are interested in having a garage door with wicket door installed, don't hesitate in contacting our team or visiting The Garage Door Centre showroom >

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