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Hormann New Entrance Doors

Hörmann introduce three brand new entrance door ranges for 2015. The ThermoPro Plus, the ThermoSafe and the ThermoCarbon. The ThermoPro Plus is already now available in the UK with the other two aluminium doors available early next year.



Door cross section 65mmThese doors redefine the security and insulation levels of any entrance door whilst also offering the very latest in modern design and finishing including the most advanced hardware and access control technology all factory assembled to arrive ready to install. 

The ThermoPro Plus offers even better insulation values than the existing ThermoPro doors while maintaining the high levels of security, ease of use and quality for which the ThermoPro range is now known.

The new doors feature a 65mm thick steel door leaf mounted on a composite frame.

The frame adds to the insulation value since it offers a better thermal break and this thicker door panel is filled with rigid CFC free PU foam for both strength and insulation.

Not only does the door leaf contribute to enhanced insulation but the 80mm aluminium door frame also has PU foam infill and a thermal break.

Triple seals on the threshold strip and another thermal break all help to maximise insulation to give a fitted door with a thermal u value as low as 1.0W/m2K.

thermopro TPS015 steel entrance door

ThermoPro Plus build is an optional upgrade on most of the existing and most popular standard ThermoPro door designs currently available and there are also 2 brand new designs now available and these are all available in the standard choice of optional colours and finishes already available.

Hormann entrance and garage doors

The ThermoSafe aluminium entrance door features 73mm thick insulation and fits flush in to a similar 80mm door frame to the ThermoPro Plus. The ThermoSafe doors are double sealed for safety and contain triple thermal glazing with safety glass on the inside and outside.The ThermoSafe can offer a thermal value as low as 0.8W/m2K.

Door cross section 100mm

The aluminium ThermoCarbon takes thermal efficiency to a completely new level with figures as low as 0.45W/m2K, making this door particularly suitable for low energy houses.The ThermoCarbon comes with concealed hinges as standard, to ensure an elegant appearance on the interior and exterior and a Flush-fitting 100mm aluminium door leaf with PU rigid foam infill and subframe on the inside. The ThermoCarbon door is triple sealed and well insulated.

Of course with the Thermopro PLUS doors all the side elements and transom options all have the new 80mm thick frame depth to perfectly match the door frame.

The glazed side elements are available in a new standard size of 400 x 2100 or purpose made sizes from 400 - 1000mm wide and up to 2250mm high in matching colours all as per the doors.


TPS 850 thermopro plus entrance door in white Thermopro plus 750 in white titan metallic finish thermopro plus door golden oak thermopro plus entrance door


There is a choice of glazing options - Clear, Sand Blasted, Mastercarre and Ornament. The glass of course is double glazed with safety glass as standard.

Example of Sand Blasted Glass available for Hormann Thermo-Pro entrance doors

Example of clear glass glazing for Hormann Thermo-Pro entrance doors
Clear Glass

Example of Mastercarre Glazing available for Hormann Thermo-Pro Entrance doors
Master Carre

Example of Ornament 504 glazing available for Hormann Thermo-Pro Entrance doors

Designs in the glass cannot be offered in the Thermopro range of side elements and this is only avaialable in the aluminium door ranges.


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