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Measuring Guides

When measuring for any new garage door, whether it is for a new opening or to replace an existing door, be aware that different garage door types use different dimensions to specify, order and price the garage door. When measuring for a new garage door, the most basic and essential measurements to take are as follows:

  • Width and Height of the actual structural opening (the daylight opening)

  • Width and Height of an existing garage door panel (only usually relevant for replacement doors)

  • Width and Height of existing timber sub frame (only when intending to reuse the timber frame) and the timber frame section sizes.

  • Internal Headroom (measure the clear height from the underside of the supporting lintel to the lowest point of the ceiling) For sectional and round the corner garage doors the tracks go into the garage a long way so this height measurement has to potentially be taken for all the way back, especially if fitting an electric operator unit option.

  • Internal Returns and Reveals (the width of the internal face either side when you stand in your garage looking outwards as well as the depth of the piers is applicable)

Interactive 3D Self-Survey Form - Please note that this form must be opened in Adobe if you are to submit it online.

Make notes of any obvious obstructions inside the garage such as supply meters, secondary lintels, side doors or brick piers, etc. All these dimensions will be invaluable if you visit our head office showroom or discuss anything over the telephone with us. For us to work out the best door the more information we have the better. We can also optimise the gearing and mechanisms to provide the best use of space with so many garage doors these days.

Measuring for a front entrance or pedestrian type hinged door requires far more accuracy and details about the floor levels especially with the latest super low threshold entrance doors where the bottom of the actual door will be so close to the floor during operation.

Below are the dimension references for all the main garage door types available:

Up and Over Doors

Up and over garage door measuring guide

Single Skin Roller Shutter Doors

Single Skin Roller Shutter measuring guide

Insulated Roller Shutter Doors

Insulated Roller Shutter garage door measuring guide

Sectional Doors

Sectional garage door measuring guide

Side Hinged Doors

Measuring guide for side hinged garage doors

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