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PC Henderson have long been acknowledged as the world leader in the design and manufacture of domestic, commercial and industrial sliding, folding and specialist gear components for hundreds of different applications in all types of buildings.
Henderson's sliding gear systems have been developed to enable almost any object to slide in many different combinations. Steel, timber, GRP and glass panels can all be used to create your perfect sliding or folding door system.

Sliding Doors offer many benefits over traditional doors:

  • Attractive, unique door designs can be used

  • Space is conserved in and around the opening area as there is no swing out. Very useful for larger doors

  • Opening width is maximised as the doors can be slid or folded out of the way when open

  • Doors are safe to move, very important for large doors, making them easier to manoeuvre

  • Very few danger zones for entrapment of fingers, etc

The Garage Door Centre is able to provide a consultation service on any aspect of designing a garage door or commercial door system combining other elements other than the actual operating gear itself. Timber panels are amongst the most popular for garage doors but we have produced many steel panels as well.

See Information on Sliding/Folding Garage Doors

We can supply the Henderson sliding or folding gear at excellent prices as well as advise on the best gear to use.

Henderson Tangent 290

For round-the-corner top hung timber doors to 35kg

  • Designed for residential garages, commercial and light industrial applications

  • The doors slide clear of the opening and park along the adjacent wall(s)

  • Round-the-Corner applications are therefore suitable where a bunched unit of parked leaves would be impractical

  • To cover any width of opening any number of units can be used on single track

  • To accommodate different building designs, doors can slide to one or both sides of the opening

  • Deluxe fittings are available; polished and lacqured hangers and guides and aluminium butt hinges

Max.leaf weight: 35kg
Max.leaf width: 711-900mm
Max.leaf height: 2400mm
Leaf thickness: 35-50mm

Units of three, four and five leaves can be hinged together.
The end leaf of a unit nearest the track curve can form a swinging access door.
Clearance between leaves to be 2mm minimum.

Door leaves should be constructed to provide secure fixing for hanger, hinges and guides and can either be flush, panelled or glazed.

Download the Sliding Door Gear Overview:

Henderson sliding door gear

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