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Henderson Up and Over

Henderson do not exist as a company any more for garage doors. Their very successful sliding and folding door gear manufacturing is still in full operation and thriving but the domestic garage door range and manufacturing plant went into administration in March 2009 and was not continued.

Take a look at the popular Hormann 2000 Up & Over range.

We offer the full range of sliding and folding door gear from Henderson and their range is vast offering mechanisms for internal and external applications with diversity in the tracking sizes and materials to suit the environment perfectly.

Obviously many Henderson garage doors are still in operation and spare parts are generally available and best purchased on request.
The Premiere range was the last range offered in the UK following on from their previous range of very successful up and over doors
sold since the 1960's.

Henderson Premiere steel doors are the perfect combination of style and strength. The door structure and crispness of design are the result of one of the most advanced manufacturing processes of its kind in the world, giving a box-section steel chassis, 'button-locked' panels and doors available in size increments of 1mm without the use of infill pieces.

Henderson timber is sourced from renewable sources to protect the environment. All timber doors are encased in a steel box section chassis and have steel bracing to give extra strength to the timber panel.

Henderson GRP garage doors are hand-crafted to give a virtually maintenance free finish. Each door is produced from a mould to recreate the finest timber detail or, in the case of the Consort, President and Solstice designs, to give a high gloss smooth finish.

There are 3 types of lifting gear for Henderson up and over doors - canopy, tracked and Optimizer.

Canopy lifting gear is the most common as it is the quickest to fit and the lowest price. The spring is situated above the door panel with cables lifting the door panel from the sides with rollers guiding the door panel vertically. The door, once open, protrudes about a third of its height to form a canopy, hence the name.

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