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Hormann Promatic Akku

Hormann Promatic AKKU remote control operator

The new-found freedom

No longer dependent on the mains thanks to a portable accumulator

Now, even a garage without mains electric connection can still offer you the comfort and convenience of an electric operator. The ProMatic Akku makes it possible! Easy to transport, it can be recharged in a matter of hours, e.g. overnight.

Function, safety and suitability

Operating comfort without a mains connection
With the ProMatic Akku you have your power source in the direct vicinity of the operator. Enjoy the remote operating comfort without the need to recharge the accumulator for up to 40 days.

Easy accumulator recharge
Shortly before the accumulator gets discharged, an audible signal will be given. The accumulator can be fully recharged overnight and your door will be ready for operation again.

Comfortable recharging by a solar module
No manual recharging of the accumulator is required when using the optional solar module, which can be mounted at the side or on top of the garage.

Suitable for up-and-over and sectional doors

Akku Solar Module

Solar module (optional)

Including installation material, 10 m long connecting cable and charge controller

Dimensions: 300 x 400 mm

Up to 40 days accumulator capacity

This means that you can enjoy the convenience of a garage door operator for 40 days before you need to recharge the accumulator.

Easy overnight charging
The accumulator is simply connected to a mains socket via the supplied charger, in the same way as you would charge up your mobile phone. The accumulator then recharges itself fully overnight and your operator is ready for action again!

The accumulator is easy to transport thanks to the practical carrying handle and the low weight.

Incredibly convenient
The optional solar module saves you having to recharge the accumulator manually. The module can be easily installed on the side or top of the garage. With proven Hörmann technology

Soft start and soft stop:
Saves wear and tear on the door and operator, a quiet door action in every phase of opening and closing

Automatic door latching:
Optimum mechanical protection to prevent the door from being levered open (Hörmann patent)

Reliable automatic cut-out:
Stops the door instantly on encountering an obstruction

  • Maintenance-free, automatically retensioning toothed belt (Hörmann patent)

  • Inside emergency release fir emergencies

  • Includes 4-button hand transmitter as a standard feature

  • An extensive range of accessories available

  • Quick and easy to install thanks to optimally prepared fixing materials and instructions

  • 30 seconds courtesy light when operated

Hörmann garage doors and operators are certified individually and as a single safety unit according to the European Standard 13241-1 and are, of course, tested by the TÜV (German Technical Inspectorate).

ProMatic Akku

Push and pull force: up to max. 350 N

Peak force: up to max. 400 N

Opening speed: max. 13 cm/s

Door width: up to max. 3000 mm

For a max. of 4 door cycles (open/close) per day


Capacity: approx. 40 days (based on an average of four door cycles per day and an ambient temperature of 20° Celsius)

Charging time: 5-10 hours (depending on charge state)

Weight: 8.8 kg

Dimensions: 320 x 220 x 115 mm

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