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Installation Advantages

When replacing any old up and over garage door nowadays the sectional garage door has so much more to offer and Hormann themselves  have the most to offer when it comes to the final finishing details and installation methods.
A Hormann sectional garage door is a high quality product from its very initial production in state of the art factories but the real benefits come from the complete door package offered:

  • High quality components

  • Predrilled panels for accurate assembly

  • Years of development for the best possible operating mechanisms

  • Sizes for every garage opening available

  • Full range of compatible electric openers for every application

  • Finishing and installation components to truly make a complete installation

When replacing an old garage door many parts of the fixing frame can cause damage to the surrounding structure or leave marks from paintwork that is almost impossible to remove and something has to be done to tackle this problem when the new door is installed. Most of the Hormann sectional doors are installed behind the garage structural opening to offer more drive through width and height from the door when open than the previous up and over garage door and this is when blockwork, brickwork and the cavities can be exposed and need cloaking off effectively.
See below a range of different options from the Hormann range of installation accessories:

Issues with the Door Width

1. Installation Behind - Standard

A standard installation where there is sufficient side room internally means the sectional door can be specified to have the perfect sizing for the width and the steel frame sits behind the opening and is fixed to the reveal structure.

Sectional door installation behind - standard

2. Installation Behind - Limited Sideroom

Where there is limited side room behind the structural opening the frame can be exposed but it must be remembered the frame legs are always white as standard and Hormann offer frame cover profile to cloak the frame legs in a perfect match to the door finish. Special fixing anchors can be used to fix the frame into the more substantial side walls to prevent potential cracking or blowing of the brickwork.

linited side room for sectional door installation

3. Installation Inbetween - Made to Order

A Hormann sectional door can be installed inbetween the opening or when their are no piers and the special fixing anchors allow this to be relatively easy but again the frame cover profile are needed to complete the installation. The example below shows the 90mm fascia profile covers in use over the standard leg frame of 82.5mm. The door width can be cut to size for double skinned doors or purpose made from the factory to ensure the maximum width is achieved.

standard inbetween installation of a sectional door

4. Installation Inbetween - Standard Sizes

Installing inbetween but using a standard size door can leave wider gaps at the side and these can be taken up with the fixing brackets and then the gap at the front cloaked with a Hormann frame cover profile and an additional Hormann fascia section

inbetween sectional door installation method

Issues with the Door Height and Insulation

On nearly every installation for a replacement door the sectional door will have a comprimise on the height detail if you order a totally standard Hormann sectional door. Purpose made height are available now however as well as resizing standard height doors by cutting but onoy within certain parameters. Hormann offer a full range of options for infilling any possible gaps above the door as follows:

1. Standard Height Doors - Small Infill uninsulated

On most sectional doors the standard height is ordered from sizes going up in 125mm increments and they do not tend to match older garage openings exactly or even by newer brick courses. (Neither do up and over doors by the way). The standard infill section comes with the Hormann sectional door as standard and is always the same finish as the door itself (except for the LTH timber doors).

standard infill fascia for Hormann door

2. Standard Height Doors - Large Infill uninsulated

Where the lintel height is a bit higher than normal it is possible to use the additonal fascia sections to seal in the gap, again in the same finish and colour as the door panels.

oversize infill for head of door

3. Standard Height Doors - Insulated Infill

Where an EPU40 or LPU40 sectional garage door has been specified and insulation is very important and you still have a gap to infill then you can order the Hormann insulated fascia infill panels. This will provide the necessary thermal break to ensure the very best insulation.

Insulated sectional door infill fascia

Other sections of the structural opening can be damage such as the corners over the years and the lintel may also be tatty underneath or uneven with the back of the brick piers and Hormann have a solution for this too with a fascia set for the exposed return sections.

 fascia set for sectional doors frames
New items are constantly being made available as the door range develops further and The Garage Door Centre can off you any of the above solutions plus many ones now shown for very complex and difficult installations.

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