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Marantec Electric Operators

Marantec Electric Operators

Whether your garage door is big, small, heavy, light, new or slightly old. If you want to operate your door using a standard electrical power supply, alternative energy sources or extremely fast – the Comfort products will offer for every desire and for every requirement the ideal operator solution.

Additionally they are very energy saving. They reduce the energy consumption in stand-by mode to a minimum and use for lighting energy-saving bulbs and LED technology. Despite this all sources of lighting still offer the best possible illumination.

Founded in 1957, Marantec are focused on technological innovation, and based in their German head quarters near Bielefeld, they aim to improve safety and ease of use in all automated door systems. They now sell their products in 50 different countries worldwide, across Europe, the USA and Asia. 

Still operating as a family run business, customer service and high quality products are a priority.

Marantec Comfort 211
Comfort 211
Marantec Comfort 220.2 blueline
Comfort 220.2
Marantec Comfort 250.2 speed
Comfort 250.2
Marantec Comfort 220.2
Comfort 220.2
Marantec Comfort 250.2
Comfort 250.2
Marantec Comfort 252.2
Comfort 252.2
  Marantec Comfort 257.2
Comfort 257.2

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Opening and closing doors is a basic function of every day life...

No more and no less. As a leading international manufacturer for innovative door operator and control unit systems, it is our aim that doors equipped with Marantec operators are made as safe and comfortable as possible using the latest technology. In order to reach this goal, we have an unconventional approach – we use, among other things, tried and tested safety and comfort- oriented systems from leading German automobiles for our operator technology.

The result: doors which are equipped with a Marantec operator system can, among other things: brake, see, feel, secure. Because they have the characteristics analogous to an Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) or an Electronic Stability Programme (ESP).

The benefits for our customers - you can be certain that you possess one of the safest operator systems in the world, that your family and property have the best possible protection and that, at the same time, you have maximum flexibility. No more and no less.

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