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Q:What is the difference in Decograin, Woodgrain, Micrograin and Silkgrain sectional door finishes?

These are all different front surface finishes to the Hormann sectional garage door range to create a different appearance and effect.
The standard front finish for a Hormann sectional garage door is the Woodgrain effect and this is an embossing pattern pressed into the front surface to recreate a wood grain surface on the door panel which is then painted. This woodgrain surface finish was the original and only finish offered by Hormann until more recent years when the other 3 options became available.

The Decograin finish refers to a laminate woodgrain effect which is actually a foil overlay onto the smooth steel surface to recreate wood stain and wood grain effects but without any texture to the panel surface. This finish is normally the choice for matching windows and front doors in the same finish - Golden oak, Rosewood, Mahogany, Light Oak and others are all familiar references in the UK.  This finish is available on the L and M ribbed and S panelled door designs in the LPU40 insulated range only

The Silkgrain finish is primarily a totally smooth finish where the only options offered are high quality paint colour finishes. The steel is actually slightly thicker for a silkgrain door to give it strength and avoid any minor warps in the panel surface. The silkgrain finish is only available on the L and M ribbed door designs.

The Micrograin finish is a brand new finish with very small horizontal grooves pressed into the front panel design and again this is only available in paint finishes and the L and M Ribbed door designs.

The inside surface of ANY Hormann sectional door is always finished in an off white paint colour with a very subtle surface graining.

All these finishes can create a very different overall effect on a door in the same colour with different light reflection properties and it is worth getting to check all the available finishes before making a final decision just based on the door design.

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