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Service and Maintenance10th October 2008

Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late!!!

Most of our emergency call outs are in response to customers with problems caused quite simply from a lack of basic maintenance to their garage door. Customers who have their car in a garage that they cannot open. A garage full of valuable possessions with a door jammed half open. Garage doors that are vulnerable due to poorly adjusted locking systems.

For most people the cost of an emergency call out is not the problem – it is the sheer inconvenience of having to face problems that had been unconsidered and would have been avoidable with correct maintenance.

So, when was the last time that your garage door was serviced by a qualified maintenance engineer? All garage door manufacturers and ourselves recommend that any type of garage door be thoroughly checked at least once a year. Safe and smooth operation can only be assured with:

Correct spring tensioning
Perfect track or guide alignment
Correctly adjusted locks and locking mechanisms.

Lack of this maintenance can result in the failure of the operation or security of the door.

The consequences of the lack of maintenance on electric remote controlled operators are even more far reaching. To ensure the safe functioning of the remote controlled door and to reduce the risk of potential strain of the electric motor and moving parts, it is essential that:

Operating pressures are correct
Safety cut-outs are accurately set
Any manual override system is functioning correctly

Remember… A remote controlled garage door is a large moving machine and needs to be treated accordingly.

Another point to bear in mind is that all manufacturers’ warranties are conditional upon correct servicing by approved companies.


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