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Accoya Timber Garage Doors

Accoya is the timber species of the future. 

Accoya is the result of advancing acetylated wood technology, and as a result is the sturdiest and most durable timber species available, adding an extra 10 years to the standard 50 of maintained hardwoods.

The acetylated process leads to a surface perfect for painting - this is one of our very own Accoya up and over installations (below, left), and looks fabulous in Anthracite Grey.

Below, right shows the beautiful natural graining of Accoya.

Accoya up and over painted in AnthraciteAccoya graining

The significant reason Accoya is a pivitol timber in the industry, is its environmental benefits. The wood for Accoya is sourced only from sustainable forests, and whilst it lasts up to 60 years in application, it only takes 25 to grow. 

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