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Garage Door Trends to look out for 2024 29th January 2024

With 2024 in full swing, we have so many home renovation plans and garage doors are no exception. Before you install a new garage door or update an existing one, it is worth considering a few exciting trends that are shaping the garage door world. In this article, we will explore four main trends that are expected to have a big impact this year with TGDC, and how you can incorporate them into your home.

1. Matching Garage Doors and Entrance Doors

As an increasing trend in 2024, homeowners seek harmony between their garage doors and main doors. There is a trend now in the UK for coordinating windows, guttering, doors, and other features in terms of colour and style, resulting in stunning exterior looks for many homes we have seen.

Whether your property has a traditional or contemporary style, TGDC can offer entrance doors that perfectly complement your garage door despite materials and finishes. Need some inspiration, visit our gallery here.

Matching Garage Door with entrance door in red

matching garage door and entrance door in black

matching garage door and entrance door with window

2. Matching Garage Doors and Gates

Taking coordination to a higher level, homeowners are becoming more embracing the concept of matching garage doors and entrance gates.

Not only enhances the overall appearance of your property but it also creates an integrated style that brings everything together.

Whether you prefer a traditional or modern style, using matching entrance gates and garage doors can give a sophisticated appearance and make your house stand out from a distance. From material to colour options, having the garage doors matched with the surrounding gates results in a seamless and visually beautiful exterior.

TGDC works closely with our sister company AGD Systems which provides gate solutions for both residential and commercial premises.

We are committed to bringing you the best in access control systems and manual/automatic electric sliding and swing gates in steel, aluminium, and wood/timber. Check out some of our installations here.


3. Garage Door with windows

In 2024, garage doors will be more than just practical elements, they can be designed to allow natural light to enter the garage. Garage doors with well positioned windows are becoming increasingly popular, providing a unique combination of aesthetics and functionality. With a huge choice of shapes, sizes and glazing options available, you can easily find the perfect windows to suit your home. These window designs can improve the overall appearance of the garage and improve energy efficiency by reducing the need for artificial lighting during the day. Take a look at some of our garage doors with windows projects.

Up and Over door with windows

Up and Over door with windows

Sectional Door with windows

Sectional door with windows

Side Hinged door with windows

Side Hinged door with windows

4. Glass Sectional Garage Door

The trend of glass garage doors is expected to continue in 2024. These doors, unique by their modern and sleek appearance, feature a sleek and contemporary design that suits various architectural styles. They come in different levels of transparency, allowing people to showcase their vehicles while preserving a sense of privacy.

Glass sectional Door

Glass Sectional Door

Glass Sectional Door

At TGDC, no garage door project is too big or complex for our expert team! Visit our special offers here and if you still have questions, feel free to contact us.

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