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Garage Doors for Winter

Winter is the season that brings cosy vibes by the fireplaces, comfy blankets and hot drinks - however, it also brings chilly winds and freezing temperatures which can seep into our homes and affect our energy bills. One area often overlooked in winter-proofing our homes is the garage.

Having a good insulation garage door keeps the garage space warmer and maximise your home energy efficiency. In this article, our expert team will examine two factors when choosing a new garage door.

1. Material

It is important to select the right materials for winter insulation. Steel and wood are popular choices because they offer a wide range of styles and design options.

Steel Doors

Insulated steel garage doors are durable and energy-efficient, providing outstanding thermal resistance. Side hinged, sectional or roller doors all offer excellent insulation as well as strong security and reliability.  

Wooden Doors

Timber sectional and side hinged doors, particularly those made from hardwoods like oak or idigbo, offer natural insulation properties as well as solid security and classic good looks.

Hormann Front Entrance Door

Steel Side Hinged Garage Door

Garador entrance door

Timber Side Hinged Garage Door

Ryterna Front entrance door

Steel Sectional Garage Door

2. Be Unique: Add a wicket door

Adding a wicket door to your garage door might be unusual, but it's a unique solution that offers various benefits, especially in winter. A walkthrough door allows easy access to your garage without having to open the entire garage door. This helps to reduce heat loss, keeping the garage and your home warmer.

Hormann ribbed pedetrian door


Teckentrup pedestrian door


garador with windows pedetrian doors


Investing in a garage door with optimal insulation is a long-term investment in your home's energy efficiency and comfort, not just for winter. Good insulation may help with a big difference.

Good insulation may make a significant difference in keeping your garage warm, which affects the overall temperature of your home during the cooler winter months.

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