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Hormann Bi Secur Electric Operators10th October 2012

At last!!!  Remote control hand transmitters that look good and perform with the highest levels of security! 

We have waited a long time for radio transmitters that are not only nice to look at but also tough and durable for daily use. The new Hormann Bi Secur remote control systems offer the latest in technology and ensure a perfect, yet encrypted signal to open and close your door every time as well as tell you whether your garage door is open or closed!!

Bi Secur from Hormann is the future of electric operators for garage door and gate automation. Intelligent and secure.

- Exclusive radio hand transmitter designs - With black or white glossy surface in a piano lacquer look. Great feel and tough finish for daily use
- Backwards compatible to the radio frequency 868 MHz on older transmitters
- All Hörmann electric operators on existing doors with a radio frequency of 868 MHz can still be used with the new BiSecur controls
- Longer battery life - under normal conditions, with common easily sourced AAA batteries
- Future proof technology - For an intelligent home in the 21st century
- All for the convenient operation of: garage doors, entrance gates, lights and many more automation systems in and around the homeHormann BiSecur Hand Transmitter

Is my Garage Door Open or Closed?

The HS5 BS 5 button transmitter is the unit which will provide information about your garage door, fed back from the operator unit itself. Very handy to have when you cannot see your garage door from inside and around your home!

A = Multicolour LED - Shows the status of the door and radio transmission.
Blue = transmitting, red = door open, green = door closed, orange = status query

B = Status button - To query the door position, simply press the status button and then the function button – the LED will indicate if the door is open or closed. To close the door, press the function button again; the LED will be illuminated in green as soon as the door is closed.


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